Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Among the many great jazz players, living and gone, there are but a handful of singular geniuses. Here on stage in Norway in 1966 is pianist/composer Thelonius Monk, along with Charlie Rouse,Larry Gales and Ben Riley.

Dig it, and then dig it all over again...and again.

The Master Has a Birthday

Edward Albee is described universally as America's greatest living playwright, and he is having a birthday on Monday, March 12th.

He was born in 1928, so he's getting on. Good enough reason to celebrate the life and work of a man who has won, among many other accolades, the Pulitzer Prize 3 times.

You can read his bio and check out his list of plays here and here.
But if you really want to get into it all, dash down to the Jericho Arts Centre and revel in Terry Kelly and Anna Hagen leading a first rate cast in Albee's "A Delicate Balance."
Terry and Anna are both actors with credits several miles long, and, playing the long-wedded, long-suffering couple, Tobias and Agnes, they bring to their roles not only their finely tempered skills but also the dangerous and exciting and knowing fact of being partners in Life for several decades now.
Get off the couch and GO SEE this funny and sad and exhilarating piece in a wonderful intimate setting. It may just refresh your marriage, or, at the very least, remind you why you love the English language.