Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here, in full, is the Globe piece of the latest triumph of Susan Heyes.

"Transit authorities have been ordered to cough up $600,000 now to merchant Susan Heyes, who was awarded that amount in damages for business losses caused by construction of the Canada Line outside her store on Cambie Street. The authorities had asked the B.C. Court of Appeal to stay payment of the award, pending their appeal of the B.C. Supreme Court judgment in Ms. Heyes's favour.

But Mr. Justice Edward Chiasson ruled yesterday that it would be unjust to deprive Ms. Heyes of the money while the appeal winds on. After the decision, the small-business owner, who has waged a tireless campaign for compensation, broke down in tears. "Tears of relief," she explained afterward."

How many other ways and times will this corrupt gang try to steal from this courageous woman?


The Vision-less Council is approving "laneway housing" across the board for all of Vancouver, a clear violation of the process of neighbourhood involvements that have been in place for decades.

This is typical of a naive, agenda-driven council with answers to complex problems drawn from the nearest Simpleton Box.

Following is a little taste of the issue to be added to in more detail in the coming days.

First is the Frances Bula piece in yesterday's Globe.

Then, a comment from local lawyer and former council member, Jonathan Baker:

"Laneway Housing is a bad idea whose time has come.

This scheme is driven by and for developers under the false pretense that it is green, inconspicuous and cheap. The phrase "laneway housing" is 'developer speak' redolent of hobbits and country shires. Hobbitville is not what it will be produced. Every new house will have a second house in the backyard. Off street parking will be at the expense of landscaping and trees. Streets will be jammed with parked cars. They will not be able to restrict occupancy to families, students or rental. Developers will whine to the next council that their profits are insufficient to meet their goals. This will inevitably give rise to subdivided lots. This idea was concocted by NPA politicians who, thanks to the voters are no longer among the politically living. It is after all the least green form of development because it uses the most land as opposed to apartment buildings. At least that is what the eco-density policy proclaimed.

By this mass rezoning, Council has repudiated the policy of neighborhood planning put in place in the late sixties."

Watch this space for more on this matter soon.


Let's be clear.

I am not blaming the victim.

But in the horrible case of a young girl being forced off a bus and then sexually assaulted by some Pig Person, a reasonable question can be and should be asked.

What is a 13-year old of any gender doing on a number 20 bus at 2:30 in the morning?

Maybe there is a reasonable answer.

Maybe this child had a job of some kind to help pay the family bills. Maybe the job ended at 2 a.m.

Maybe the family, if there is one, needs some serious self-examination about rules and regs and family dynamics.

Maybe I'm full of self-righteous hot air.

Maybe you had exactly the same very natural reaction to this nightmare.

The Coast Mountainn bus people have said that their drivers would normally question a young person or toddler getting on the bus very late at night.


If Evil Bastards want to do something terrible, they will no matter the good intentions of Real Citizens.

However...this might be a wake-up call for the bus drivers to be required, at the very least, to keep youngsters who board alone late at night, clearly nearby and in sight, to the degree that they can.