Thursday, August 2, 2007

Deep Thought

I've just noticed, after all these months of furious blogging, that most of the people I slag on a regular basis are politicians and criminals.

Funny how that works.

Victor GuestBlogger on the Second Worst Mayor in Vancouver History

The Vancouver Sun (Stunned?) saw fit, once again this week to give a platform to Larry Campbell. In this case, Larry was railing against the Harper government's alleged disrespect for what Larry refers to as the chamber of "sober" second thought. Coming from the Senator from Cirrhosis, a man who's head glows like Rudolph's nose, the term sober is a knee-slapper. Larry goes on to assure readers that he and his colleagues in Geriatric Slumber Room are a non-partisan lot, carefully approaching their duties without bias. Larry's memory is perhaps a victim of his lifestyle. Otherwise he would recall that the only reason he sits in the Palace of Patronage is because his verbal fatwa against Harper during the last election earned him instant gratitude and a multi-million dollar reward(pension and perks included) from Paul Martin.

"Stonewall" Oppal Rides Again

Wally Oppal, like every politician before him and all that will follow, is an endlessly charming gentleman.

And for all we know he is a good and decent soul.

But like all politicians before and after him, he sings from the Jean Chretien hymn book: "Do nothing; then nothing can be held against you."

Daphne Bramham has done us all a great public service by stepping harshly and repeatedly on the neck of Polygamy.

But when the paper carried a 40-point blaring headline this morning that "Stonewall" (as one of our Commenters called the AG today) "might" take the offenders to court, Ms. Bramham was quick to point out that Wally has been sitting on his hands for many months on this file, among others.

Wally is a great PR man. He makes appearances at rallies, dialogues and discussions. He frowns and looks terribly concerned about everything and everybody and he sees nothing but health and happiness for all of our futures.

And then he goes back to his shelter and turns on "The Price is Right."