Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Victor Sails the HMS Mildew

Hi Mensch:

No doubt, Mildew will rise to the defense of BC Ferries crew who may have been Stoned at Sea.

Mildew believes that cannabis and Canada are made for each other. The Weed Leaf Forever.

What Mildew will not acknowledge is that weed today is not the weed of the 60's. In the 60's, a few tokes would sharpen your appetite for strawberries, peanut butter whatever. Weed today will turn your legs into cement pillars and your brain into yogurt.

Mildew is quite happy with the prospect of a truck driver, dozing on BC Bud, driving a gas truck past your neighbourhood school. He celebrates the idea of a BC Ferry, under the guidance of Captain Crunch, squashing docks and boats while Captain Crunch does a doobie on the bridge.

Mildew, and his employer, The Vancouver Stunned, are hopelessly out of touch.

The Boulevarier

Who's handling the PR in Victoria?

Further to our Graham Bruce post of yesterday...Vaughn palmer reveals that Mr. Bruce's response to the accusations that he did not properly register as a lobbyist were delivered to the press by a government employee.

BUt he doesn't work for the government.

Who's handling the PR at 12th & Cambie?

After 3 months of saying, FUCK YOU, VANCOUVER, City Hall, which still hasn't managed to get the library workers back to work, buys a half page in the Sun - with YOUR MONEY - and says, "THANK YOU VANCOUVER."

If I had the money, I'd buy a half page too, and say, "NO THANKS."

Forget the Cowboy Hats Already. Let's try dealing with Reality

The reason nothing ever gets done is that we still live in Simple Town.

Everybody wants a hero and a villain, white hats and black hats. The world, apparently is peopled with Good Guys and Bad Guys.

I guess that's why we all love sports. A beginning, a middle and an end. A final score. Somebody won, YEAH! Somebody lost, BOO!

If only life was even remotely like that.

Take Stephen Harper, please.

The man says he's going to do some things about crime. Right away, he is immediately cast, by the water cooler crowd, as a sonofabitching Law & Order Demon.

But look at most of his proposals; think about them for a second.

If you're found guilty of 3 violent or sexual offences, you are liable to be branded a dangerous offender. ALL RIGHT BY ME.

Stiffer penalties for impaired driving. REALLY ALL RIGHT BY ME.

Mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes. ALL RIGHT BY ME.

Tougher bail conditions for gun crimes. ALL RIGHT BY ME.

Young people who commit serious crimes are held accountable to their victims and communities. ALL RIGHT BY ME.

And - although not addressed in the Throne Speech - taking a hard look at the poisonous mistake of "safe" injection sites, free needles, and free drugs. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ALL RIGHT WITH ME.

So, for all of these considerations, with which most Canadians totally agree, the chattering classes immediately let their knees jerk in unison, "Oh that Harper!"

Well, Harper is no hero for me; but these policies seem to me long overdue and I welcome them.