Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Meeting of the Old and the the New and the Stupid

Nepal Airlines is having maintenance troubles.

Enlightened answer?

Sacrifice a goat.

But...we have to respect everyone's religious choices, don't we?

The Name is Bond. Shirley Bond.

We said a few days ago that Education Minister Shirley Bond's new health initiatives were without substance, and we were right.


But read the item thoroughly and you will find that her plan doesn't include more phys-ed classes, which I just learned today are optional for most high school students.

Of course not, that would require spending money on phys-ed teachers and coaches.

But here is her kumbaya, feel-good explanation: "P.E. is not something they feel particularly comfortable in. They may feel more comfortable walking to school."

Well mein gott in himmel, we wouldn't want to ask the poor dears to do something uncomfortable, would we, because everything and everybody in all of life's moments are pure unadulterated comfort, are they not?

Last Words on The Good Senator

Some final (we hope) thoughts about Senator Larry Craig.

This is not a man. This is a construct.

He can't speak without a script. He is a total image and fake.

What did he do these past 30 years for Idaho or his country?

He says, "I love Idaho." But apparently he loves Idaho so much, he has spent most of his adult life in Washington, DC., donning his starched blue jeans just before landing every so often in Boise to see his wife and 3 adopted children.

The entire audio of his conversation with the arresting officer was played last night on CNN and it is mind-boggling. It sounds like a bit on Saturday Night Live, but it is real. A grown man having a serious discussion with a police officer about how wide is his stance while sitting on a public toilet and how his foot could cross over into another booth and whether it was his right or left hand that went under the wall separating the two booths.

And now this pathetic absurdity that he might not resign.

Wasn't it that great (country and) western philosopher Kenny Rogers who said, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em?"

Jerry Lewis is 81 and in dreadful health and still craves an audience. Rafe Mair is in his mid-70's and still must have his audience, at five bucks a head, and Senator Craig apparently cannot imagine life without being Senator Craig.