Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Religion of Crow

No finches, juncos, robins, sparrows or stellar jays.

That's the current state of our yard and our neighbourhood of late.

You know why?

B-caws! B-caws!

Crows. Wall to wall crows. Night and day. All crows all the time.

Yesterday I hauled out the binoculars and counted over 20 of these suckers roaming over the tops of 3 evergreens across the way.

They are loud, noisy, annoying and they chase everything else away.

But wait.

They are also all dressed in black, they produce many offspring and they keep to themselves. Why didn't I think of this before?

They are just Hasidic Jews in disguise!

Psychiatrists Are As Crazy as Killers

Nobody is crazier or more socially irresponsible than psychiatrists.

This week a 13 year old Alberta girl was found guilty of stabbing to death two adults and an 8 year old boy.

Quick as a wink, Dr. Dominique Bourget of Ottawa has offered her wisdom:

"It is of the utmost importance that the girl receive a complete psychological assessment.It will be almost impossible to reform the girl if any mental illness goes undiagnosed.

The girl will require years of intensive one-on-one therapy in order to be successfully rehabilitated.

You need to come to terms with what has happened, develop more understanding of empathy."


Who is the crazy person here?

What is it about violent murder of your family that the doctor doesn't understand?

Who will pay for these years of one-on-one intensive therapy? Why should anyone?

Guest Blogger on Ed Mirvish & others...

Hi David,

This comment isn't really about this item on your blog. I wanted to write you about someone else (coincidentally a jew) that I think deserves recognition. I couldn't find an email link, so I post it here hoping you will read it.

A great Canadian, Ed Mirvish passed away today just short of his 93rd birthday. I had the great pleasure to work for him on a few occasions and to know him and his lovely wife a little bit. I wish we had a citizen statesman like Ed here in Vancouver. Ed built theatres and invested his money in the cultural life of his city. He hired people and paid them good wages and benefits. He was Jewish, but handed out free turkeys to anyone who needed one each Christmas.

The best we can come up with in Vancouver is Jimmy Pattison: Best known for owning a gigantic yacht and Frank Sinatra's old house in Palm Springs. He apparently made his fortune by firing the worst performing (least lucky?) car salesman at the end of each month in each of his many car dealerships and by polluting our province with ugly billboards. Philanthropy doesn't seem to be his strong suit. How do we get an Ed Mirvish in Vancouver?RIP Ed.

Thanks for listening David.


Sink-Hole on the Inlet

Can you say, "A Billion" boys and girls?

Cause that's what the final tab will be on The Trade & Convention Centre Expansion.

It's instructive that wily old Gordon Campbell threw this public relations disaster onto the lap of Stan Hagen, a career politician with no known accomplishments.

If you ask Stan, he'll tell you that he pretty much single-handedly invented good government. The only problem is that when you bother to look over his track record in various offices over many years, you, except a marvelous ability to convince the rubes in his neck of that woods that he's a lovely, charming guy and they should vote for him.

You and I will rarely, if ever, set foot in this Folly on the Water, but we will have shelled mightily for it, so dentists from Albuquerque can try our local hookers. Fabulous!

Download Stunner

A guy electrocuting himself by sweating and listening to his iPod in a lightening really have to write your own jokes here.

But wasn't there just a tiny, mean, vengeful part of your soul that read this item and said, "YES!"

Victor on Hasidic Jews & Barbara Kay

Hi Mensch:

I sent this letter to the N-Post the day the piece ran. Naturally, as it constituted a criticism of a journalist (horrors!) they never ran it.

I'm not Jewish but I was offended by the invisible subscript that seemed to say " If you're in a small town and some bearded types with headgear move in it's upsetting but if you're in a big city and 120,000 hairy, turbaned folk move in, it proves you are multi-cultural".

Sorry. I remember small town folks shooting different people in the early 60's. Small town is not a passport for small-minded. I guess it still is.

I meet more and more people , which explains why I like my dog more everyday.

Le Boulevardier

"Barbara Kay seems to justify community wariness of Hasidic Jews on the grounds that these people with elaborate headgear and full beards constitute " a critical demographic mass of self-segregating people". Wouldn't that also describe many of Canada's Sikh communities? Both the Hasidim and the Sikhs are hard-workers with estimable business skills. True, Hasidic Jews, unlike Sikhs, tend to avoid political involvement, but then they don't demand headgear exemptions under safety laws. As for willingness to integrate, I would think that a red-haired Irish boy hoping to marry either a Sikh or Hasidic girl had better be prepared for a long wait.
Joe Clark referred to Canada as a "Community of Communities". It is really a galaxy of ghettos, a legacy of our insipid multicultural policy. Deal with it."

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

Here's one of the sweetest voices in contemporary music...