Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baying at the Moon

Perhaps someone could explain the comic charade of the last few days in which Blair Wilson, a WestVancouverite elected originally to Parliament as a Liberal and then dropped for some "personal, ethical" reasons, announces with blaring tubas that he has joined the Green Party, thus giving the Greens their first "elected" member in the federal House.

"I feel at home, " was Wilson's eye-catching phrase.

Weren't there enough murders or child abandonments that day to cover the front pages?

Truly, 'tis the Silly Season.

Wait. I think I see Blare disappearing into the back benches.

Sarah Get Your Gun

The Choice That Never Stops Giving

And speaking of Sarah Palin...

Trust Maureen Dowd to come up with the funniest - if not the fairest - assessment of the could-be-President gal from Way Up North.

Read it here.

Victor Argues Back

Debate is Talmudic. It is basic. Without argument, dissension and the smile of verbal wrestling, social structure and democracy are shadows on cave walls. Following is Victor's response to those who have been fighting with him since I published his piece on American politics:

Like I knew David.

Well, to those who were surprised that David posted my anti-rapture assessment of Obama on David's blog, let me ask;

Why are you surprised?

David has spent his entire life defending the "Dignity of Debate."

He would die for that. Literally.

He debated people who would have imprisoned or ignored addicts. Which is pretty much the same thing. He showed them that people, who had scrapped the barrel of despair, could find the spark of their humanity and shine again.

He was and is an actor. He knows what it is to give your best in Act Two, to the people who have booed you in Act One.

He was a talk show host . He kept the code of that profession, now lost. He listened to critical callers with good humour. Some of them, true cretins, attacked his religion but he never debased that religion by taking it to their level of discourse.

So yeah, David and I may not agree on Obama. But we agree on the dignity of debate.

Years hence, when David and I celebrate the fact that we have found our left slipper and it wasn't full of oatmeal, I hope our passion for the dignity of debate will live on.

With all that love can give.

Le Boulevardier



That's the number of people killed this year in Mexico over drug disputes.

There are those among you still harbouring wish fulfillment dream of drug legalization. You still entertain the rose-colored fantasy that drug crime will disappear at the stroke of a legislative pen.

Read this and give your head a really, really big shake.