Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bush's Secret Paid Army

Good to see that Blackwater, a private American Army of highly trained mercenaries, is still out there in Iraq killing at will and with the blessing of George Bush.

Oh yes, this is a "just cause." No question about it.

Hitler on the Hustings

Perhaps someone could explain to me why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the murderous hate-mongering, terrorist-financing, nuclear weapon building madman who is the President of Iran and one of the most dangerous lunatics on the planet today, why this guy is speaking today at Columbia University and tomorrow will address the United Nations?

Can someone explain this, please? Huh?

O.K. Columbia, I understand. Egghead City would sit through a rant by Adolph Hitler because it would confirm their unshakable believe in "Free Speech."

But, the UN?

And the formless cowards will not walk out?

And the Lunatic attacks Canada (???!!!) as a place with no justice or individual freedoms?

Government "CARE" is a Death Sentence

If you thought that the government response to one of the Cambie Merchants that we posted here recently was cynical and in deep denial of reality, check out how the Ministry of Children & Family Development (God help us!) responds to 3 foster care deaths in one month!

"Sometimes it's just one of those statistical things that happen."

Now that should be enshrined in gold and bronze and platinum in the Public relations Hall of Fame handbook on How Exactly NOT to Talk to the Media.

And these folks have about 30 "communications officers" per square foot.

In fact, there were 98 child deaths last year under the ministry's caring umbrella.

Just stats, I guess, those no longer breathing, laughing boys and girls.

In a tiny item on page B2, we learn further that a father is guilty of assaulting his 19-month old son. The mother had already been found to be incompetent. But how did this happen?

Well...the social workers were "attempting to reunite the family."

Geniuses everywhere we turn.

Where Ideas Don't Stand a Chance

When the provincial government wants to advertise a job, they wrap the notice in a cheesy slogan - "Where Ideas Work."

But the Vancouver Sun's Larry Pynn doing some good work and asking for a Freedom of Information, learned that Victoria is unable to tell him and us what properties it owns in Vancouver.

What makes this failure even more astonishing is that the government just spent $14 Million on a "system" that would allow them to do exactly that.

What's more, they predict it may take another year to get the system operating.

In the meantime, nobody knows or can say which buildings and lots are held by the People's Government.

Ain't it grand?

Licensing Illegal Immigrants - Wisdom May be in the Details

The most fascinating dilemma is facing individual States in America, and the way that this issue is being managed is something we in Canada ought to witness clearly.

There is yet no clear and clean immigration policy, especially concerning illegal immigrants, most of whom are working and supporting families and blending quietly into the general fabric of American life.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is issuing driver's licences to those who can provide any reasonable ID.

One's first reaction might be, "Oh, that's dreadfully playing into the hands of people who are not legitimate citizens." And that reaction would be quite understandable.

But, read both the story and the editorial and you might agree that things are not always as simple as they may seem.