Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paul Thorn on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Richmond Sky High - Property Taxes, that is...

How would you like your property assessment to jump from $9 million last year to $25.5 million. That's exactly what has happened to Paul McRae of Richmond. He will have to relocate.

Read the entire Province story, and then reflect on the "unintended consequences" of the Skating Oval project.

Or are they unintended?

This is the most suspect administration in British Columbia.

Let the investigations begin.

They don't think about the Community that pays their Salaries

One is not surprised by the behaviour of a dangerous lunatic. He is after all a dangerous lunatic.

So the fact that Ralph Morris, who walked away from a minimum security prison has a life-long record of escape, violence, murder and so on should not be noteworthy.

What is alarming is how many times the irresponsible fools in National Parole and Corrections have released this dangerous lunatic or put him in minimum security prisons so that he could escape.

You can read the whole grewsome tale in this morning's Sun coverage. Read about how many times Morris was granted full parole only to be returned to prison for more antu-social behaviour?

Don't they get it? When will they get it?

He's a violent man. He is not going to change. He is dangerous. Keep him locked up. What is so difficult about this?

Please protect us from the National Parole Board and Corrections Canada.

Fire Ms. Dyck, Please, before we get hurt. She is a clear and present danger

The Federal Court has had to intervene to keep the Salvadoran self-confessed killer in jail.

How much did this cost the Canadian public in lawyers' billing fees?

How much of this cost will be charged to Daphne Shaw Dyck, the Immigration & Refugee Board member, who decided to let this man out on the street?

Why does this woman still have her job?

Is anyone ever responsible in Canadian society for anything they do?

Says it all

"It’s one of the bigger Cadillacs. I’ve got a desk in it. It’s like an airplane."

REPRESENTATIVE CHARLES B. RANGEL, Democrat of New York, on the taxpayer-financed 2004 Cadillac Deville he leases for $777.54 a month.

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