Friday, July 6, 2007

And Speaking of the Slammer...

California has more prisons and more prisoners than practically any other jurisdiction on earth. The state is currently allocating over $7Billion in additional funds to house a new influx of over 50,000 jailbirds.

Among the many institutions it either runs or pays profits or non-profits to run, California boasts a number of prisons for women and their babies.

In most instances, the women are, of course, drug addicts.

Now, the state has discovered that many of the prison babies are extremely less than well cared for.

How's this for a chilling comment:

“We don’t think that these kids are part of our mandate, because they are not incarcerated,” said the spokeswoman, Rachel Kagan.

Read the entire story here, and ask yourself a number of questions.

Why are so many people in the greatest state in the world (or whatever Arnie is calling it these days) sending so many people to jail?

Why are babies sent to prison with their idiot addict incapable so-called mothers?

And, if they are, why aren't they cared for by the people who run the prisons?

This makes as much sense as conjugal visits.

Do gay prisoners have conjugal visitor "rights?"

Could the women lawyers at the Marine Drive Golf Club - who now have lots of time on their hands and nowhere to go - could they take up this worthy cause?