Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Let's take a break.

Let's face it. We're snowed it. It's Christmas. Life, as we generally know it, has slipped and slid to a genial halt.

So will we.

Have a great Holiday!

See you in a few days.


Millenium Development Corp., the company in charge of the famous Olympic Village project, is now on very thin ice in it's current Nanaimo hotel venture.

Nanaimo City Council has issued a 30-day default notice on a 170-room hotel that Vancouver-based Millennium Development Corp. was supposed to build as part of the recently opened Port of Nanaimo Centre conference facilities.

Read the Globe & Mail piece and hold onto your 2010 toques.


If you want a small revelation on how fortunate we are here in Canada to have our health care system, read this article in this morning's NY Times.

President-elect Obama has asked thousand of Americans to get together and talk about their health care and insurance experiences.

The early reports are bracing.

True Confessions

O.K. I just have to say this.

You know that James Stewart movie that everyone loves, that is played every year at this time, that is considered a "classic?" The movie is called "It's a Wonderful Life."

Can't watch it.

Hate it.

Saccharine slop. Worst thing Jimmy Stewart ever did.

Am I alone on this?

And while I'm at it.

You know that book and movie considered "An American Classic?" the one that's taught to 11 year-olds continent-wide like it's the Old and New Testaments combined? I speak of "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Can't watch it.

Love Gregory Peck. Love so many of his movies.

This one? Boooooring...

And finally, John Wayne. The Duke.

Good-bye. Later. Don't buy it.

I've waited a lot of years to say these things.



Yesterday I was in a medical examination room.

As I was getting dressed, I noticed something really frightening.

There was a box of disposable latex gloves. You know, the kind used for probing and prodding and poking in all those unholy places.

The brand bame of this product? I kid you not.