Thursday, December 13, 2007


1. Sorry for not getting the blog to you this morning. There was some meltdown with the Shaw server and it just wouldn't work.

2. My Friday column in tomorrow's Province has been moved to Sunday for this week only!!!

I've never been fond of Ryan Baloney, but now I really am mad at him.

Because of Ryan's latest old and boring self-pointy-headed news, the paper is obliged to run a column from Back East tomorrow.

HOWEVER...get the Sunday Province for my second column. It's a goodie.

Sickening News

No. No. No. No. No.

This is the worst, most dreadful, most outrageously bad news I have read in a long, long time.

Crack pipe kits will be distributed for free to crackheads in Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell Rive and Courtney by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.


A sick researcher says that this is cheap and it does no harm.



I just spent an hour yesterday with two very wonderful and brave young women who are into their 4th and 6th months of recovery.

Why not give them garbage to keep them enslaved to drugs, you misguided horrible pigs?

Has nobody in the official world ever heard of an EXIT STRATEGY?

You don't give dope fiends dope toys, you murderers; you give them a hand that says, "Come with me to The Clean Life."

Oh, but wait, I forgot.

That takes time and effort. Real work. Often tedious and repetitive.

And it's so much easier to give people garbage, even though it ensures that the people themselves will continue to be garbage.

I really, actually almost fell out of my chair this morning when I read this shit.

PLease, please, PLEASE write your MLA and beg the government to kill this terrible, terrible plan.

The Force Behind the Mob Rule at YVR

The loudest voice in the mob scene at YVR on Monday was that of a convicted Sikh terrorist. Nagra was convicted on charges of bringing an extremist to Canada on someone else's passport. That man flew to Toronto shortly before the Air India bombing with the bombing's mastermind Parmar.

He is also the founder of the International Sikh Youth Federation, which has been banned in Canada.

So the entire mob scene was fomented by a full-time professional shit-disturber who is linked to terrorism and mass murder.

Read the whole story here. It is truly sickening.

The local Sikh community should be ashamed of itself for following the entreaties of such a man.

Jingle Balls

Mary Anne Watson is a Jewish mother on the Island, who has pulled her 5-year old son, Joshua from his local public school because it's wall-to-wall Christmas and there's no Hanukkah or rabbis or kugel.

"Mary Anne Watson" is Jewish? Well, that's another geshichta.

Since when are public schools in the religion business?

Since when have families counted on public schools to teach or enforce their religions?

I lived through umpteen years of Christmas Carols in public schools. My first acting assignment ever was as the voice of the Talking Christmas Tree when I was 5. I hid under Miss Prescott's desk (which provided a refreshing view of Miss Prescott) and recited my clever lines.

And guess what?

I am a Jew.

I am a proud Jew. Love being Jewish. Couldn't imagine my life any other way. Don't care if everybody sings Christmas songs till February. Often sing them myself. Have no belief in the divinity of Jesus. Still enjoy Christmas as a cultural staple.

Mary Anne - get a Jewish name and then get a life. Bring Josh up in a Jewish home and he'll be a lovely little mensch for sure.

Tina Turner

So Ike died.
Ike represents the worst in all of us, a serious failure of the human gift.
Tina is real story.
Marvel at her.