Monday, March 26, 2007

Like, "Arf, already."

A South Korean "scientist" claims that he and his team have cloned a wolf. Or two.

When I read the headline, I thought this will only be credible if the dogs are called "Rufus" and "Rufus." Or, "Shmulley," and "Shmulley Too."

But, now I learn that they are, in fact, called "Snuwolf" and "Snuwollfy."

I'm sorry. That's just a bit much.

Does that mean that every time you want to call one of these phantom, petrie-dish wonders over for a scratch behind the ears, you have to go into the old vaudeville routine, "So...what's New, Wolfie?" Or, what Snuwolffy?

Will the beast reply, "I dunno, Dave. What snu which you?"

The Police Reunion - Roxanne

They rehearsed for days in an empty sound stage at Lion's Gate's North Van Studios. They'll be at GM PLace soon. And here they are at the Grammy's last month. Check out Sting looking and sounding like a 20 year old. This is one amazing guy and fab performer. Check out, as well, Sting on Tony Bennett's CD, "Duets," joining the master saloon singer on "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Berries Buried

It's been some time now since the mainstream media has reported anything more than what the government and corporations have given them.

A shame, really, because there are so many "little" stories worthy of more serious attention.

Like this tiny gem lodged among the dust balls in Richmond.

A man is appointed by the Provincial Liberal government to the land commission in 2002. His name is Peter Dhillon. He is a cranberry grower and formerly the head of the Agricultural land Commission's south coast panel. Some might want to stop the tale right there and cry, "Conflict of interest!" But, forebear.

Mr. Dhillon manages to get Richmond Council to remove 2.5 hectares of his own land from the agricultural reserve and have it rezoned as industrial, a small fortune thus made. This decision by Richmond Council flew in the face of their own staff recommendations against the rezoning.

Hang on.

He's doing it again.

New application for an adjacent 2.5 hectares.

Now, let's be clear.

The Daily Rag has reported all this, and The Rag is my source for this rant. Many thanks.

But we will never hear more of this. We will never find out the how and why and who of this story of corruption and ill-will and disobedience to public service. Will some good reporter follow the money? Will some shoddy truth be exposed?

Don't hold your breath.