Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not-So-Golden Sunken Arches

And if Transclunk are heartless bastards, what can we call McDonald's?

One of the richest companies in the world fires a dedicated, loyal 23-year immigrant employee, who is earning the enormous wage of $9.75/hr, because she has a medical problem.

There must have been 4200 ways to works this out, but the Arch-Villains simply fired her. No discussion.

BC Human Rights has ordered them to pay the lady $50,000. How about $5,000,000?

How about sending a message to these thugs?

Transclunk and Worksafe are Pigs

Perhaps the good Justice Bruce Butler should try driving for Transclunk one day.

He might then have a tad more sympathy for the traumatized driver whose claim he just threw out of court.

I know, I know.

I can already hear all you hard-hearted bastards yelping that "sympathy" is not the currency of the courts, nor should it be.

But, since when is kindness an outlaw?

It is disgusting to me that the Workers' Compensation Board bothers to fight these kinds of claims. The man has impaired vision and a steel plate in his head from his wonderful years of service to bus riders, who regularly spit at him and call him names because he has the audacity to ask that they pay their fare.

Last year there were 243 such assaults against drivers.

Who is running to get this highly desirable job?

When giant corporations fight Little Guys & Gals for the pennies they deserve, I kak.

See the next story about the Not-So-Golden Arches.

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