Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Liz of our Life Salutes the Victor

29 April 2008
With apologies to The Bard --
Who Is Victor?
Who is Victor? what is he,
That all his words commend him?
True, fair, and wise is he;
The heaven such erudition did lend him,
That he might admir├Ęd be.
Is he true as he is wise?
For wisdom lives with truth.
And truth doth to our eyes repair,
To help the media of their blindness,
And, being helped, inhabits there.
Then to Victor let us sing,
That Victor is excelling;
He excels each mortal thing
Upon the dull earth dwelling:
To him let us Nobels bring.
William Shakespeare

News Deficit

I must read The Economist more often.

And you must read the April 19-25 edition.

The cover story is "The Silent Tsunami, The food crisis and how to solve it."

This is a most extensive coverage.

It includes tiny gems, like this: "A billion people live on a dollar a day." "Since the way to feed the world is not to bring more land under cultivation, but to increase yields, science is crucial."

That's particulary interesting considering how much Bush has cut away at science grants.

Did you know that Egypt's president ordered the army to start baking bread? That the Philippines has made hoarding rice punishable by life imprisonment?

I feel like I am suffering from an information deficit.

For relief, read http://www.economist.com

And follow the Scandinavian ideal - Eat Less, Chew More.

Wright is Wrong

Why is the Reverend Wright doing everything he can to destroy Barak Obama's election chances?

Because he is a shallow, attention seeker.

Read Bob Herbert's excellent analysis in this morning's NY Times.

Wright is a fool, who instead of doing everything possible to help get the first black President elected, is accomplishing with his antics exactly the opposite.