Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Tater

Hi Kids.

My name is Dick Tater.

I'm the president and CEO of a really big vacant lot called Canada.

I used to be called Steve, but that handle just didn't cut it.

Lately, the court jesters have really been putting me off.

They want to see if we're being mean to prisoners in the castle dungeons and such.

Come on, Man! There effing prisoners!

And the Chamber of Cardinals - well, we call it here The Senate, just for show, you know - well, the Chamber had a few too many suspicious characters in it.

So what with all this messy fuss and folks wanting to talk - they gussy it up be calling it "debate the issues" or something - so with all this crap swirling round, I've just cancelled the whole bloody show for a while.

The stool pigeons call it "proroguing" or something and they've got their skivvies all in a knot about shutting down democracy - whatever that's supposed to be - while I re-jig the whole works.

Like, I can sneak a few of my sidekicks into the Chamber while everybody's scarfing down the turkey and catching the puck in the corners, you know?

One of the local broadsheets - I think they call themselves The Globe...ha! talk about delusions of grandeur - they put an editorial on their front page this morning called "Democracy Diminished."

Boy, they should be glad I'm giving them something to write about. You're welcome!

Anyhoo, kids...see you in March.

I've got some Games to check out and a bit of ice fishing and whatnot to fit in.

And, by the way...

Happy New Year!

Detestable Meddling

They are young. They are dedicated. They are Caring, with a capital C.

And I'd like to lasso them and put them on an ice flow (if such still exist) until they learn better or an endangered polar bear eats them.

They are the "helpers" who, in the absence of a needle exchange haunt with a street address, ride around Victoria on bicycles giving addicts clean needles and fresh crack pipe kits. How ecological! How Gregor!

These sisters of charity are delusional and monstrously destructive.

"There's not much time for support and education" says one of the official creeps who perpetrates this public crime.

Get serious.

Support and education was never in the deal. There have never been any intentions headed in that direction. It's all and only about Harm Production.

Victoria's Mayor at least has some very small shard of connection to reality. He admits that needle exchange places attract "dealers, conflicts and filth."

He is right.

But get this.

Treatment centres like Portage in Keremeos, Welcome Home in Surrey and BHF in Winnipeg DO NOT ATTRACT DEALERS, CONFLICT AND FILTH, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ABOUT GETTING PEOPLE CLEAN AND SOBER.

Meanwhile, these idiots in Victoria are sending out guerrilla teams of harm seduction workers to help addicts shoot up or light up as safely as possible.

"As safely as possible????"

No such thing.

What could be called safe about shooting up or smoking up?

This is do-gooding in its ugliest form.

All concerned should be arrested for public mischief.

Obama Faltering? Hesitant?

Konrad Yakabuski has written another excellent editorial commentary in the Globe this morning.

He questions President Obama's resolve and clarity when it comes to matters of urgent national defense.

His central argument seems to be that Obama doesn't quite have the stomach for war-mongering or international conflict.

It's a worthy read.


How is it possible to look at a thing of natural beauty and then shoot it?

There are some things I don't understand.

Headline Captures the Nation

Nigeria, Netherlands to introduce full-body imaging; Canada undecided


Cat Bird - Peace on Earth