Thursday, August 7, 2008

M.D. - Me Doctor!

"Never marry a doctor!"

Those words of wisdom came from one of the most beautiful, accomplished women I've ever met.

She and two of her friends had dreadful experiences dating doctors. All three women found doctors to be arrogant, self-absorbed shmocks.

"They think they're God. How much fun can that be on a daily basis? At the clinic, they play with life and death and everyone answers to their every whim. Then they come home...and HELLO!"

These warnings came to mind this morning as I was reading the story about the local bones who won't treat a child because they can't get along with her parents.


Some doctors treat patients in the midst of gunfire, famine, flood, insurgency.

Then there's this home-grown group of geniuses who expect everyone to be nice.

Here's the telling moment.

Dr. Doug Cochrane, vice-president of medicine for BC Children's Hospital no less, writes, "Everyone is trying to do the right thing, but faith, trust and honoring the expertise of the doctors is important."

Ah, yes.

Where in the

Hippocratic Oath

does is say something about treating children only when they have lovely, cooperative parents?

Get over it, Doctors. Do your job. Treat the patient, who, in case, you haven't noticed is a helpless child.


When I read this morning that 3 NDP MLA'a would not be returning at the end of this term, I thought this was a clear sign of trouble at the ranch.

I shouldn't have been surprised then to read Vaughn Palmer saying much the same thing in his column abut retiring MLA David Chudnovsky.

The elephant in the room that is not being openly discussed is the leadership of Carole James.

I admire James. I think she's a gutsy and smart and interesting person.

But in politics one either has "the Royal Jelly" or one doesn't.

James doesn't.

The provincial pickings are almost ripe.

Enough citizens are tired of the Campbell signature and serious gains if not an outright win is there for the plucking.

But this will most likely not happen with Carole James leading the NDP into the next election.

Adrian Dix?

Jim Sinclair?