Friday, December 26, 2008

Global "Warming?"

Gutter Play

If you thought Prime Minister Stephen Harper's attempt to remove government financing for political parties was ugly and entirely partisan, then what do you make of Premier Gordon Campbell's new law restricting political advertising?

This is transparently aimed at unions, who actually have war chests available and at the ready for the May 12th election.

The problem is that TV campaigns have to be planned months in advance and nobody knows this better than Campbell.

I am no fan of the BCTF, but I must give them full credit for challenging this law in court and for getting to the press to keep this issue before the public.

The BC Supreme Court is taking its royal time on this attempt by the unions to have the law declared unconstitutional and its very delay aids and abets what should be seen as a Campbell law bordering itself on criminality.

The law is an offense to common sense and democratic process.

I don't care how many photo ops the premier takes of himself hugging bantam hockey players, he's a thug.

Wrong Question

A man dressed as Santa Claus knocks on the door of a house in Covina, California on Christmas Eve. When a young girl answers the door, the man shoots her in the face. He walks into a large family gathering and begins shooting indiscriminately. He then sets fire to the house and leaves.

By the time he is finished, he has killed eight people.

Finally, he drives to another location and kills himself.


The young CNN reporter, putting on as grave a mask as he can muster, desperately trying to hide his overwhelming excitement that he is at last on network television and that it took nine deaths to get him there, intones deeply, "But the real question, Robin, is 'Why?'"

No it isn't.

Why is that the real question?

Let's suppose we learn the why? What will we know? What can we do about it?

The man lost his job. He had a sore tummy. His girl friend wouldn't fellate him. Wal-Mart wouldn't cash his pay check.

We could do something about this?

Psychiatrists would help him in weekly anger management courses?

The Why is completely irrelevant and serves only to help the writers for the back story they will need when they make the soon-to-be-released TV Mini-Drama, "Santa Rampage."


There is only one useful question here and it is the one that will not be addressed.

Why is it so easy for Americans to buy guns?

Go Explain

NASHVILLE — Although the number of uninsured and the cost of coverage have ballooned under his watch, President Bush leaves office with a health care legacy in bricks and mortar: he has doubled federal financing for community health centers, enabling the creation or expansion of 1,297 clinics in medically underserved areas.

That's the first paragraph from a NY Times story this morning.

Now, read the rest to see the challenges facing the Obama watch and millions of Americans.

Then, get down in the snow and thank the Great Flake for our flawed but wonderful health care program here in Canerda.

Eartha Kitt - R.I.P.