Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear Bloggists

His Blogginess is heading for the hills today. Swim, tennis, eat, sleep, read. Thus, no posting (of this kind) Saturday and Sunday.

May the Farce and the Sun be with you.

NOthing Petty about Crime

In response to Jim Chu's call for more jail time for chronic offenders, Mildew and his editors both keep referring to minor crimes.

There is nothing minor about a crime when you are the victim. Being robbed, broken into, mugged and so on are traumatic and frightening experiences.

It is very nice for people to sit back in the comfort of their easy chairs and survey the vast scene before them and make pronouncements about small crimes.

Try living through one and then see how charitable you will feel about "petty" criminals.

There is an enormous psychological divide between citizens and thieves.

"There but for the grace of God" just barley begins to embrace the dilemma.

Lazy Politics

The gender politics posing as affirmative action in the provincial NDP is abhorrent.

It's not bad enough that husbands and fathers are the endless butt of every bad TV commercial (Women make the buying decisions so ad execs cartoon and lampoon the male of the household. If women are not as insulted by this simplistic and ugly mythology, they aught to be.), but the party won't allow a man to run in a constituency that needs a new candidate.

Women only is the rule.

How about, instead of a rude and exclusionary and self-defeating rule, you do the hard work of finding and encouraging and developing good women candidates?

Everyone is always looking for the magic bullet, the single sweep that will change the landscape.

Never was; never will be.

Commitment, work, effort.

Thanks again, Wall

We have Wally Opaque's assurance that "pressing trials" (those involving laundering, no doubt) will proceed in spite of the Great Sponge called 2010.

Ah...that's comforting.

Excuse me...

Just a question...but, is there a new Get Smart movie?

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