Monday, October 1, 2007

You Have No Right to Know Your Father

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that an unmarried woman has no obligation to tell the biological father of their child anything about the child, including her choice to put the child up for adoption.

Of course, this decision was made by a woman, Justice Daphne Smith.

Thank goodness, many local family lawyers, also women, have denounced this stupid sexist ruling.

What does this do for the child?

Does the good Justice have any connection with reality?

La La Land Forever

Tearing down a marine design facility at UBC to build more condos and townhouses may or may not be a reasonable thing to do. I don't have enough details to make a truly informed opinion.


This certainly stays true to a woeful agenda we have been pursuing in Vancouver for far too many years now.

We have abandoned our true foundations and stability. We have forgotten that we are a port. And we have based our new economies on condos and lattes.

The results are disastrous - massive and disturbing homelessness in the downtown core of both Victoria and Vancouver, few head offices, less venture capital, less office space, MacJobs by the score (Get your PhD, become a barrista!) and an illusory wealth, promoted by the middle-class sillies of the media.

Everyone is smiling, everyone is decked out, everyone is having a grand time.

Except for the thousands who aren't.

Where's James Bond When You really Need Him?

Ecuador has elected a new President, Rafael Correa.

He hasn't put pen to ink or ass to presidential chair yet, and already Wall Street is screaming for his head because he has been talking about a "21st Century" agenda, which to America translates automatically as...wait it for's really ugly...that's right - SOCIALISM!!! ARGGGGGHHHH...

Now, what I know about Senor Correa and his country you could put in a thimble and have room for a barn dance.

Nevertheless...could Corporate America just contain itself for five minutes from its belief that it has a divine right to shape the future of all humankind, i.e., Consumers?

Is it possible that Wall Street really knows about as much as I do about Ecuador?

Like how profoundly America has understood Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Falcon

CUPE has revealed that Minister of Transport, Kevin Falcon, has a short list for the new Transclunk board, but that he's keeping it all a secret.

Four ofthe five appointees are Board of Traders, one is actually part of the Gateway management (How conflicted is that???) and the last is Mike Harcourt.

More Dope(y) News

The Province features a story this morning about the safe injection site.

Almost all of the article is nonsense, but it is a must read for those of us concerned with addiction issues.

The cry is up that the Feds will close the joint. To which I say, "Hear! Hear!"

The feds claim they'll spend $35 Million on treatment.

A. That's nothing. Try $100 million.

B. What "treatment?" Silly Sam's Substitution Tango? Puleeeese...

The Dope Fiends Union are screaming the sky will fall in if their little toy is shut down. Double puleeese...

Tom Waits / Broken Bicycles

oh, this is sooooo goood....rember it from Coppola's movie musical about Vegas?


There's nobody even close to Tom Waits.