Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Surrey Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal has written to a U.S. District Court judge on official House of Commons stationery in support of convicted international drug trafficker Ranjit Singh Cheema.


In short, a parliamentarian has written his support for a gangster.

The fact that the parliamentarian is a Liberal should have no bearing on your understanding of this situation.

The fact that the parliamentarian and the gangster share ethnicity should have no bearing on your understanding of this situation.

The gangster also received letters of support from a religious organization that was embroiled in controversy earlier this year when a parade it was hosting featured photos of assassins and leaders of designated terrorist groups, who were depicted as martyrs.

My distaste for the Liberal part of Canada deepens by the hour.

As for ethnic politics, the less said the better.

Justice Derailed

This is how our criminal justice system has devolved.

We now have university psychologists recommending how judges can make their instructions to jurors understandable.

We're not quite sure if the problem is that the judges mumble or the jurors are both hearing and intelligence impaired.

But, clearly, when the Kelly Allard-Reena Virk file can be properly and finally laid to rest, something is terribly amiss.

(F)Arts Dollars

It is appropriate that the announcement was as paltry as the content.

Relegated to a paragraph or two on page B2, the miscellany of local news, the "news" is that the BC Arts Council has awarded - wait for it, hold the apple sauce, er, applause - $7 Million to 270 artists and cultural organizations.

Oh, whoop-a-tee-ai-oh!

This is lunch money.

When I learn that we have invested $70 Million or $700 Million, I'll get off the couch and dance. Until then, keep the mediocrity coming.

Democracy demands that any damn fool have his/her day

Let Elizabeth May debate and appear in public during the election.

Then we will see what a paucity is her platform.

Harper, Dion nd Doucette may be accused of many things, but sheer irrelevance and silliness may not be among the charges.