Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Homelessness is up 20%.

This is news?

I know.

How about 'nother study?

How about a commission at $250/day per head?

I don't suppose anyone would consider building housing...

Nah. What was I thinking?

What'll it be, Sir?

Premier Campbell wants climate change legislation, but he seems to want privacy-bordering-on-secrecy for polluting corporations even more.

Did we feel this all a bit too good to be true?

Read the Sun story here.

Local Jazz Sweeps the Nat'l Awards

Huge HURRAYS! for Cory Weeds, Jody Prosnick and Brad Turner, who snared a lion's share of National Jazz Awards last night.

Cory is the sax-playing owner/operator/founder of the Cellar Jazz Club at Broadway and Alma. His Cellar Live won for best label of the year. As it should.

Trumpeter Brad Turner and Bassist Jodi Prosnick have both been regulars at the Cellar from the beginning only a few years ago.

I've had the pleasure of working with all three of these superb musicians, and Cory used to make regular appearances on my radio show, often phoning in from gigs in Italy.

Go here for the complete winners' list, and here for the Cellar website, and here for Cory's blog.



The 2000 year old man strikes again.

I use a particular pair of glasses to work on the computer...different focal length.

I left them on my desk at work yesterday. Brought the case home, but not the glasses.

Cannot do this with my other glasses or get serious eyestrain.


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