Friday, March 21, 2008

Crime is Nice. We're Canadjun, eh?

Metro Vancouver has moved in one swell foop - or is that, one fell swoop? - from being The Wild West Show to being Crime Central West.

11 mob hits in less than 3 months.


But, as that great American philosopher, Alfred E. Newman, would have it, "What me, worry?"

Heck no.

We've got Wally Opaque to keep us calm.

Gosh and golly, I just feel like I've had a cup of warm milk and a cookie.

Thanks Wally, and how's The Beav?

Paul Scofield 1922-2008

Considered one of the greatest actors of his time, Scofield is justifiably remembered for his indelible performance as Sir Thomas Moore in "A Man for All Seasons." He won the Best Actor Oscar for that role.

Read the NY Times obit here.

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