Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Smile - You're in the Best Place in the World

Several friends have encourage me to post this T-shirt. Who am I to argue with an idea whose time has come?

Is Your Pin Legit, Louie?

When it comes to the immense scam called 2010, who can say whose cousin gets which contracts for whose balloons?

The latest slapstick comes from The Department of Pins.

Oy vey, der made in Taiwan, not really a China!

I don't know, folks, I was in Taiwan a few years ago, and in spite of Canada's refusal to recognize it as a country, it looked remarkably like a country.

And why must 2010 tchatchkas be made in the mystic east anyway?

God forbid some enterprising and socially conscious fella would hire a hundred homeless or poor or struggling souls to start the Great Canadian Pin Factory, and T-shirts and ookpiks and napkins...

God forbid Vanoc or the Preem or the Board of Trade would think of such a thing.

How about Sam? He's an enterprising fellow. Between opening brothels and drug substitution centres, I'm sure he could get something going along this line. I have faith.

Justice Shrouded Again in Cloaks & Daggers

The judiciary, never too misguided for most reasonable citizens, has hit a new low.

The public, the media and the accused were all held OUT of a closed hearing yesterday in the Basi/Virk affair.

If ever a case needed some clean, clear backyard airing this would be it.

Instead, with taste and timing so exquisitely perfect, Justice Elizabeth Bennett has shrouded this fiasco in even more secrecy.

No doubt there are clever legalistic rationales for all of this.

But none can make up for the immense residue of mistrust by the endless delays and obfuscations in a case that is rare, confusing and central to the good governance of the Province.