Sunday, December 9, 2007

Billy Joel Gives His latest to Young Cass Dillon

On the Other Hand

One of about similar 40 emails that I have received since Friday's column:

Finally,someone said it.
Between sanguine SAM and capricious Kim andthe rest of the rot on 12 avenue,it's hard to pick a standout.Sullivan had one good idea and he patents it.Since he and theother j green stole the election I've been dumbfounded.They don't evensee the homeless.
The Olympics were a boondoggle from day one.Some howMr.Furlong & co. have created their own little fiefdom and no-oneseems to care?The only problem we have down town seems to be thedumpsters.
Sullivan is more paranoid than Dick Cheney and seems to haveto prove it monthly.So we watch in awe as Sammy goes from custom wheelchair to custom ski chair and seems to lose them every time hetravels,which he does more often than Al Gore.
At this point evenCarole Taylor seems a better bet.Considering the way she's representedher constituents on Cambie,thats a scary thought.-- terry mckinney vancouver BC

Vanoc has lost all Bearings

Vanoc is going to sell Olympic-logo-stamped school supplies to kids.

Of all the disgraces this Party has been responsible for to date, this is the worst.

Will the millions raised from kids screaming to their struggling single parents go back into education?

Probably not.

Hands off the children, you greedy money-grubbers!
Read the whole story from this morning's Province here.

Kim Wouldn't Know the Truth if She Fell in a Barrel of it

Kim Capri can't tell the truth.

She never for a nono-second spoke about my thoughts on drug addiction. She never asked me a thing about this subject. It never came up.

I did not give her an angry rant.

I quietly told her what I thought after she told me far too many times how disappointed she was in me.
Often when you tell people something unpleasant they remember it as yelling.

Why write to the Province?

She doesn't know when to quit.

Here is her letter published today. It is full of falsehoods.

LetterPublished: Sunday, December 09, 2007

David Berner is fully entitled to his opinions, but it is important that he gets the facts correct.
I do respect some of his ideas about drug treatment, so I decided to call him and invite him to elucidate his thoughts.

I phoned the number on his business card. When he answered, I assumed that he, like myself, was working late.

Instead of a rational conversation about what we need to do to bring civility back to our city, he launched into an angry rant full of personal attacks.

At this point, I realized that my hopes for a reasonable conversation with some helpful feedback from him were futile.

I'm pleased to see he is now writing for The Province. The media loves having politicians to skewer. But Berner's column would have been far more interesting and helpful had he chosen to share some of his good ideas.

Coun. Kim Capri, Vancouver

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