Friday, August 17, 2007


The courts have left us all far behind.

The average Canadian is baffled, confused and enraged.

Newspapers across the country could easily feature a daily page called "COURT INSANITY FOR TODAY." It would fill the page.

Today's best comes from Montreal.

A man beats his girlfriend to death. He pleads guilty and gets 7 years. Not bad enough? Oh, it gets better.

He gets out, applies for a teaching job and, of course, forgets to write down his criminal, violent, murderous past. Ooops.

The school board soon learns of asshole's indiscretions and fires him.

Court to the rescue!

Under the Quebec Charter of Rights & Freedoms, you cannot withhold employment if a person's crimes have no immediate reflection on their employment.

In this case, psychiatrists - the evil bain of all court proceedings - agreed that the poor boy had suffered a "blackout" or brief and rare "psychotic break" when he murdered his girlfriend.

Please, please, please hold these nutty bastards liable and responsible when this maniac kills a female student who disagrees with him about the locus of a point always moving equidistant from the centre.

And please, please, please encourage the school board to take this to the highest court.

And, if you are the parent of a child at this school refuse to let your child attend class until this sick man-child is removed.

Enabling Mother Whines About Drunk Daughter to Transit

I was a cab driver in my early 20's.

I don't remember ever turning down a dog, although I had many passengers who qualified.

I do remember, however, refusing many a drunk.

Not all, because for a late shift driver, drunks are just part of the gorgeous panoply. But, a very, very scary drunk or a belligerent drunk or a disgustingly amorous drunk...well, get another ride, sister.

So imagine my amusement that a mother of a drunk 18-year old girl is transferring all her inadequacies and all her sick, enabling behaviour to blaming a bus driver in Victoria for refusing her stupid daughter on board his public transportation the other night.

I am completely in sympathy with the bus driver.

Nobody asked Princess Brain Dead to kill a quart of whiskey with her very best friend. Nobody asked her to not have cab fare to get home. Nobody needs her drunkenness on a public transport.

The driver was protecting the safety and convenience of his other passengers and he should be awarded a citation.

The mother should get into counselling at the first opportunity.

Health Care Sick - So Much is "Process" and Talk About Nothing

Don Cayo has sharply reminded us in today's excellent column in the Sun that our health care system is far from healthy.

We place way at the bottom of an international list in terms of efficiencies and accessabilities.

None of us should be surprised at these findings.

Yesterday, I took a meeting with some people in a health care facility, one that bloatingly calls itself a "campus of care." Yech!

Yes, both of the people I talked with were informed and "caring" up the yin yang.

Why, then, did I feel within minutes after leaving that I urgently needed a cold shower?

Was it all the bafflegab, ass-covering and plain, old country horseshit I was being fed?

All I really asked was could they get an old guy some vitamins and treat his bleeding wounds?

Well, don't you know, there was this regulation and that protocol and respect for his right to make lousy, old man self-destructive choices.

In short, nothing.

Multiply that visit by 200,00 similar daily visits across Canada and ...well, you get the picture.

How about less talk and more medicine?

Max Roach

Max Roach, one of the greatest of all jazz drummers, died early this morning, age 83.