Monday, December 22, 2008


Remember "Triple E?"

No, not the hamburger sauce.

The Alberta push to reform the Canadian Senate.

What was it now? Elected, equal and...equine?

Now that he is Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has forgotten all that campaign nonsense stuff.

And speaking of Christmas stuffing that is exactly what he has done with the Red Chamber.

18 new breast-feeders appointed, the only real surprise being that somehow John Reynolds missed the cut.

Now, I knew that senators - and that includes Larry Campbell - get $130,000 a year. What I didn't know until this morning is that they also get $90,000 in travel and what with copying machines and faxes and secretaries and whatnot, the total cost for each of these layabouts is in fact $860,215 per an...uh, annum.

The photo, by the way, is of Mike Duffy, a broadcaster.

Times must be tough.

Victor in the 'Hood

I got the following from a friend. What a wonderful world we live in. Of course, let's by all means find free shelter, clean drug needles, counsellors and a stuffed Christmas stocking for these two charmers. Also, if they happen to be sitting, drug-addled in front of your favourite store, be sure to make a generous cash donation. After all, as we are being told hourly by the media, Christmas is really about being kind to unfortunates like this.

We had a couple of kids with snow shovels casing our house-and that of our neighbours-today. We caught them peering into the windows and rattling the door etc.

They rang our bell, but when they heard our dog bark they beetled off to our neighbour's house.

By the time I got my boots on they were at my neighbours house, rattling the door and looking into the windows. I confronted them, and they were clearly high as kites, claiming they just wanted to shovel some steps so they could "buy their parents a Christmas gift". Their snow shovels had never been used, and still had the store stickers and price tags on them.

I told them we had a very active Block Watch group, that I found their story unbelievable, and if I saw them in the neighbourhood again I would call 911. At that point they told me to "F" off and ran off down the street.

I then got into my car and followed them. They made their way straight to Broadway and got on bus heading east.

Both were about 20. One very fair with short blond hair and the other darker with dread-locks. Both were wearing hoodies with parkas on top. Both also wore back packs. Their shovels had never been used.

This just a heads-up.

Do-Wop for a Snowy Monday Morning