Friday, July 13, 2007


Conrad Black has been found guilty of enough charges (4) to land him in prison for a very long time.

Read the entire story here.

How Many Wives is 2 Many?

And congratulations to Sun editorial writer Daphne Bramham, who has continued her coverage of the polygamists in Bountiful, BC.

As Bramham writes today, the case has much wider ramifications in terms of the entire scope of religious freedoms vs. existing laws.

Polygamy has been illegal in Canada almost as long as there has been a Canada. let us hope that some appeal to the Charter of Rights & Freedoms does not overturn that.

Importing Domestic Abuse - One of the Many Unintended Consequences of a Policy of Multi-Culturalism

How surprised will we all be when we learn that the husband did it and staged an attack?

About as surprised as we are to learn that he already has a kidnapping conviction and a history of domestic violence.

Perhaps someone needs to explain to people moving here from other cultures that treating your wife like livestock in a no go in Canada.

But, when we strain ourselves to offer driving tests in over 180 languages and dialects - none of which appear on road signs - how soon is that likely to happen?

Go, Lions, Go!

When I was a kid growing up in Winnipeg, I used to listen to Blue Bomber games on a little bedside, brown plastic radio. Later, the CBC began a practice of playing the week's game in real time on black and white TV on Sunday nights around midnight. You could actually see a football game from pay to play in one hour. It was wonderful.

Then, when I was playing basketball at the YMHA, I would occasionally find myself, age 14, playing against Bomber coach (and Minnesota Lakers star) Bud Grant or Bombers quarterback, Kenny Ploen. Amazing!

But in the late sixties, here in Vancouver, I discovered Johnny Unitas, the Baltimore Colts and Kenny "The Snake" Stabler and the Oakland Raiders. My interest in the CFL plummeted as my obsession with NFL football grew exponentially.

I travelled to Seattle once and saw the great John Brodie throw 2 absolutely dead-on TD bombs to Gene Washington right in our corner of the Kingdom!

All of which is a preamble to say how positively impressed I have been with the CFL and the Vancouver Sun in recent years in their efforts to win back my attention. In a league that has been plagued by dollar problems and often a lack of identity, much good has been done to keep the fan base and bring in more.

Congratulations to the league, to the newspaper and to the Lions, in particular.

The Hollies - Bus Stop

One of my favorite groups of the Beatles era...