Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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The greatest liar and mass murderer in Canadian history is appealing his sentence.

After serving a mere five years for building bombs that killed 331 people, Inderjit Singh Reyat was then found guilty of perjury and sentenced to nine more years in prison.

Mr. R. is appealing that sentence because he feels that it was"harsh and excessive."

Here stands before us the definition of a psychopath.

Goo Goo

B.C. Liberal Party president Mickey Patryluk called the addition of about 50,000 members since November "a clear signal of the enthusiasm that has been ignited by this leadership race."

This is pure politics and soap suds.

The sleeping masses have been going to work, having a beer, watching the game, having the occasional wrestle in the sheets and generally thinking about the local political scene about as much as they have been contemplating outer space.

What has brought about all these amazing new memberships is hundreds of volunteers making thousands of phone calls and other public disturbances.

This is called "tickling the baby."

Not to mention mass sign-ups of people who have been in BC for less than 3 years, don't speak either of the official languages of the country and wouldn't know a Falcon from a Dix.