Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everyone is Green Today

What are we to do when one of the world's biggest polluters buys full page ads to tell us how GREEN they really are?

Barf? Laugh? Cry?

GM has given itself a Gold Award for a modest program in whch they reccycle old cars. Yippee!

Has anyone noticed the gas-guzzling, polluting shit-kickers these folks turn out on a daily basis?

Boys, puleeeeze...

Your Kid's Shrink is Your Kid's Biggest Danger

This is news?

94% of child psychiatrists are creepy, evil drug pimps. Duh!

Is there someone who didn't know that kid shrinks have been licensed dope dealers for Big Pharma for years now?

Yes, there are two people: parents and the press, who keep announcing this as if nobody had ever noticed before.

The level of prescription medicines being enlisted for social and emotional problems of children as young as 3 soared in the past 2 decades, and the reason is simple - Big Pharma went on The Big Push. And all the little pea-brained, immoral, amoral Baby Shrinks bought into The Plan.

A Tale of Two Cities

From a circle of concerned and INFORMED citizens:


Today, we find that a Canadian anti-narcotics official, who was at work in Afghanistan on alternatives to poppy cultivation has been convicted of drug possession and sentenced to four years in prison. He had several dried poppy flowers and 0.6 grams of hashish (which he claims in another article was trace elements found on his clothes from working in areas rife with drug problems). (http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/story.html?id=06af35e1-2a4a-4a24-a973-8a1a8a2af218&k=17994)


Earlier this year, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Peter Leask acquitted a member of the Hells Angels on a cocaine trafficking charge. Glen Jonathon Hehn was found not guilty, even though he had about 1.5 million dollars of cocaine in his locker. Leask dismissed the idea that it was Hehn's, "... he'd have had to have been out of his f. . .in' mind to store it in his own locker, all right? I mean, that's for sure he wouldn't do that. Let's not spend any time on that theory." Later, Leask apologized FOR HIS USE OF PROFANITY.

The score:

a half dozen dried poppy flowers and an aspirin-sized amount of hashish worth about $4: four years hard time in Dubai.

$1.5 million in cocaine or upwards of 20 kilos: an apology from a BC judge.