Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mayor Entirely To Blame for Strike

Richmond and Surrey have settled, or are about to settle, their labour disputes, while the Vancouver strike continues.

You know why?

For the same reason it began.

Sam Sullivan.

The City offered the union a 39-month deal to take them clear through the famous Olympics. The union countered with 48 months, wanting a good round 4-year number.

Mayor Sam said, "No."

You know why?

Because that would take the issue into the next civic election.

Like he's going to be re-elected. Talk about delusional.

Already, the Ideal candidate is poised and when, announced, will walk into the job.

Getting frustrated already with no pools, no libraries, no garbage pickup?

Call Sam.

He's The Man.

Curb Drug Costs - oh Yeah...

It is a rare enough thing for me to praise the B.C. Medical Association, but today must be the day.

Congratulations to Dr. Geoff Appleton, the BCMA President, and his team for presenting to BC Health Minister, Geoff Plant, the position paper called "A Prescription for Quality: Improving Prescription Drug Policy for BC."

For the full story, read the Vancouver Sun coverage here.

Prescription drugs are now the biggest expenditure of our Health Dollar, after hospitals. Our costs have risen from $259 Million in 1985 to $2 Billion today.

One of the biggest reasons is the outrageously aggressive sales tactics of Big Pharma, who visit your family doctor several times a week.

But the other reason these costs have so drastically escalated - and, as I don't have the full report in front of me, I don't know if this is covered therein - is the enormous jump in psychotropic/psychiatric medications. It is my firm belief that at least 90% of these prescriptions are inappropriate, dangerous and unnecessary.

But, remember that next to armaments and illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals are the biggest industry in the world. So good luck to all of us on cutting down.

At least we can thank the BCMA for hollering a bit of a wake-up call.

Guest Blogger on Langara Station Name

The comment on our "What's in a Name? Only Blackmail," post of yesterday was so good, we had to give it guest blogger status:

"There continues to be a tremendous amount of lobbying and possibly, political interference to switch the name to the Punjabi Market - Langara Station.

I have lived in the community for over 40 years, the corner of 49th and Cambie has always been known as Langara. This area includes the Langara Estates, Langara Golf Course, Langara College and it's even in the Electoral district of Vancouver Langara. The corner of Main and 49th is where the Punjabi Market is located. If the Canada line was going down Main Street, then name the station after the Punjabi Market. Main street is a full 1,000 meters away and has no connection to Cambie and 49th. I live near the Punjabi Market and the majority of it's patrons drive to the market, they don't use transit. However, each week there are 9,000 students and staff trips using transit from Langara. 61% of the residents in the Cambie + 49th area are Chinese, and the Indian population is less than 2%.

I'm shocked that this name issue has once again come up. What ever you think about Translink, they shouldn't be pressured into changing the name. A name change will be very unpopular with the community living on or near Cambie. Guess what they are calling the station at 41st & Cambie? Oakridge! Guess what they are calling the station at Marine Drive and Cambie? Marine Drive! And finally what are they calling the station at King Edward and Cambie? King Edward!

Do you see the pattern? Duh, what else would be call it Kerrisdale or the Jewish Community Centre station? Politics makes me crazy!"