Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Secret Problems

Who knew?

Suffering, apparently, from a massive ourbreak of limp dickedness, the local market is being flooded with fake erectile dysfunction pills. Supply and demand clearly at work.

And two otherwise respectable jurisdictions - Surrey and West Vancouver - share a common problem - too many beavers!


Truth of No Interest to governMINT

Federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon apparently has little sympathy for the truth.

Particularly truth in advertising.

He doesn't seem to give a toonie of airlines claim you can fly from Toronto to Montreal for $79, when in fact the final tally is $159.25.

Canadian carriers have been successfully lobbying this numb skull/crook not to change the rules such that they would have to actually tell you the real, final price.

Why not have auto dealers advertise the new 2009 models starting at $1,200? That, of course, would be before the seats, wheels, lights, horn and engine.

At Dublin airport, checking in for my flight to Heathrow (all of one hour), I was told by the lovely Aer Lingus lady that my carry on bag was over-weight, would have to be checked through and that I would have to pay a small penalty.

Try 108 Euros!

Of course, the flight itself was 9 Euros return, final with taxes 40 something.

Come to my place, folks. I'll sell you a new pair of guccis for six bits.

R.I.P. to the S.U.V.

That is the hopeful headline to a NY Times story this morning about GM shutting down its production of the mammoth common sense and climate offenders.

One of the many pleasures of being in the UK this summer was seeing that 99% of all vehicles are small.

Back home and seeing these Ford Exploders and Cadillac Escalators bulging out of parking spots makes me sick.

How can anyone speak with conviction about carbon taxes and environmental concerns and continue to build and sell these obscenities?

Here is the Times editorial.