Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sshhh...We're Canadians

A comedian of very middling talent spoke recently about how dull and unassuming are we Canadians.

Our great gesture is the non-committal shrug.

We'll go along with practically anything as long as it doesn't actually bite.

Old comic territory, for sure.

But the Globe's Jeffrey Simpson has written a very good column today, listing the dozens of important matters that are left entirely unexamined in Canadian public life.

Aging population, health care, national energy policy, refugee/immigration issues, poverty, climate change, aboriginals, Afghanistan, and productivity for openers.

Just think about this.

The major broadcasters are sending you dozens of pathetic self-serving little messages these days about how Local TV Matters.

Yet...Can you name one regular political talk or interview segment that appears on Global or CTV or CITY?

Of course, here on the Wet Coast, we have award-winning baristas and an array of flavorful roasts. We have the sea and the mountains. And we have Boxing Day sales.

Alfred E. Neuman for President.


Whether or not someone actually tripped the Olympic torch bearer or not is a moot point.

Protest and public demonstrations are among the hallmarks of a free and open democratic society.

But the operative word is "peaceful."

You can stand anywhere you like, as far as I am concerned, and register your disagreement with public policy or the fashion of the day. This is healthy and to be invited and honored.

But the moment you start pushing and shoving and jostling and then worse, you have descended into Iran.

The Winter Olympics do have hold great interest for me.

I am unhappy with what I see as many suspensions of basic civil rights to further the mechanics of the The Games.

Finally, I just don't want to be inconvenienced by traffic nightmares for three weeks.

So, if the terrorists don't mind, I will fly away to Italy and come back when the hoopla has somewhat subsided.

But tripping Olympic torch bearers?

That's not legitimate disagreement.

That's sick.

Fall Out

Flight 253, and the effects therein, are not going away:

- Just when you thought it was safe to return to investing in the airline industry...$50 Billion loss over the last decade. Not a typo...$50 Billion. Airline stocks fell yesterday and trips by the score are being cancelled. Which tells us that the terrorists are jubilant and tiumphant.

- Al-Qaeda issued one of its most lunatic statements to date: "We have people who love death as much as you love life." Can you even begin to get your head aroud that one? I can't.

- A number of Britons have travelled to terrorist training camps in Yemen. The Islamification of Europe is on and its working.


Airport restrictions denounced as 'security theatre'

Beef up intelligence, keep terrorists from ever reaching airports, industry tells government: ‘Airports are not a good last line of defence'

- Stay in your seat for the last hour before landing? That'll be great for old guys like me with prostate problems. Will anyone mind if I quietly and discreetly pee in a coffee cup?