Friday, April 24, 2009

You MUST Pay the Rent

Way cleared for 38% hike in heritage apartment rent

Decision highlights flaws in law and will allow landlords to drive up rents, critics say

This is an important article as far as it goes.

But what it doesn't tell the reader is "Why?"

What was the reasoning that the Residential Tenancy Branch used in making this onerous and very bad decision?

I am guessing that the argument was parity with neighbouring buildings.

How would you like to see your rent on a 2-bedroom flat in an old building climb overnight from $1300 to $1800?

On the shopping street in my neighbourhood, mom and pop stores open and close almost daily. There is only one reason. Landlords jack the rent so far out of reach, people just walk away. One storefront remained empty for over a year and half until the owner found someone brave enough or stupid enough to dive in.

What, if anything, do our benighted governments do about these continuing iniquities?

Nothing that I've noticed.


He was racing through Richmond streets at speeds in excess of 130 k/hr.

His name is Stuart Chan.

He killed RCMP officer Jimmy Ng.

He got two years for criminal negligence and he was released on parole after eight months.

He promised that he would talk to teens about the dangers of street racing. is to weep.

Of course, none of that has happened.

Now, the world turns to Wally Opaque for justice. is to throw up.

"Well, we trusted a liar," says Wally.

Can we call this "projection?"

Knock, Knock

Wondering what VANOC's Integrated Security Unit have been doing with the millions they will spend in the coming months?


They are visiting old men who kvetch about The Games.

Peter Scott is 73, he lives in Surrey and he often sends clippings from the newspapers to public figure with his comments scribbled on the side.

We like to call that, FREE SPEECH.

But that Orwellian Big Brother known as VANOC has other ideas.

Read the entire frightening anti-democratic story here.

Excuse me...there's someone pounding at the front door...

Fascinating Rhythm

Most movie reviews are unreadable bought-and-paid-for shill jobs.

The moment you see the word "triumph," this should be your cue to go running at top speed to anywhere else.

But every so often, you read a piece about a new release and you say, "O.K. Now there's a flick I've got to see.

Check out A.O. Scott's item in this morning's NY Times on James Toback's documentary film, "Tyson."

The article includes video clips.

Looks darn good.