Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The NPA Dumped

Last night, the NPA tried to reorganize and salvage some sense of the ruling party they had been for many years here in Vancouver.

If the detestable behaviour of the small cabal of cronies who conspired to control who would and would not be elected to the new board is any indication of where this group is headed, hide the silverware, kids.

It used to be said of fights in academia that they were so bitter and mean-spirited precisely because the stakes were so low.

That old gag applies here.

Shame on those petty nitwits who seem to only gather pleasure in whispering behind the curtains.

Freddie Hubbard, R.I.P.

The Bright Lights are Always on High

DO you think perhaps the wrong people are being bailed out? Do you think?

In the midst of the multi-billion dollar taxpayer-funded rescue packages for Detroit, the Ford Motor company has unveiled its new "self-parking" car.

The CEO of Ford makes the personal admission that he found parallel parking the most stressful part of his driver's test.

The new technology will be available on some Lincoln's and new seven-passenger Lincoln MKT luxury crossover vehicle.

Is it called a crossover vehicle because it can cross over to the other side of town? Because it is trans(mission)-gendered? Or because it's really more a battleship or Panzer tank than car?

The Chronicles of Criminal Injustice - Basi/Virk

Nobody has followed the Basi-Virk affair over its past five years with greater diligence than local journalist, Bill Tieleman.

In yesterday's thetyee.ca, Tieleman published a most comprehensive study of the as-yet-entirely-unresolved legislature scandal. The piece is called "Railgate, A to Z."

I urge you as an informed BC citizen to read it and save it for future reference. The trial is supposed to begin - finally - sometime in the spring - if we ever have a spring.

It is also highly likely that this mess possibly involving the highest reaches of local government may, in fact, never reach a court room.

It is particularly likely that it won't reach a courtroom before the May election.

Tieleman deserves our thanks, a fistful of journalism awards and some merit citation for citizenship.

More Snow Job Stories

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