Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bah! Humbug!

The province has announced a "New Plan" for seniors.

With the customary flag waving and self-congratulations, the government that could care less about care says that they are going to expand home care.

But look closely at the plan.

The Irresponsible Minister, Mary Polak, told reporters the province has developed four cornerstones: developing "age-friendly communities," supporting volunteerism, promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting older workers.

I guess that's like The Four Pillars and we know how successful that has been.

That all sounds very nice, but where are the real teeth and the real dollars?

Let me assure you from doing years of volunteer work with seniors that home care IS essential and it IS the most economical support and it IS crucial in helping people maintain their precious independence.


You have to pay nurses and home care workers to come to Ben or Gail's apartment and help them with bathing and groceries and house cleaning and whatever is needed.

Now that takes real budgets for the workers and the support staff who book the workers and organize the clients and their needs.

There is nothing in this fatuous foto-op announcement that speaks to the real delivery of real service.

This is classic Campbell government bullshit and it deserves to be mocked and then widely ignored.

Wonderful Letter in Today's Sun

Political life in B.C. doesn't need affirmative action
Vancouver Sun

Golly, it's been a heck of a week for democracy in B.C. First, those of us in David Emerson's riding had to endure another lecture about why he invalidated our votes to jump ship for a sweet deal. Then the B.C. Liberals decided they'd rather not concern themselves with the legislative process for a few months and would prefer to "go one-on-one" with British Columbians.

Now it's Carole James and the provincial New Democratic Party who, not to be left out when it comes to kicking dear old democracy in the teeth, tell us that in 20 ridings, they won't allow candidates to run in next May's provincial election if they're not women, members of a visible minority or disabled in some way. I'm a very left-wing, very NDP-voting social worker and a strong advocate of broad social representation in every walk of life.

And, yes -- big surprise and horror -- I'm a heterosexual Caucasian male. I'm the kind of voter who would never have a problem voting for a woman, a person of colour, a homosexual, etc., but I will have a difficult time voting for the NDP next year. Why? Because in the name of affirmative action, James has told voters that certain people need not apply for these jobs, no matter how qualified they are. In essence, she's told British Columbians we can't think for ourselves. Joy MacPhail and Jenny Kwan didn't need that patronizing policy, nor did James herself. I suggest the provincial NDP have more trust in the voters and in the fact that our society is maturing with regard to these matters. It can do much to encourage diversity without devaluing democracy.

Peter O'Loughlin


© The Vancouver Sun 2008

Headline of the Week

Carbon tax makes Campbell a 'hero'

Dion praises B.C. premier at campaign stop in Burnaby, really....hahahaha...

You know the part that astonishes me?

That actual breathing humanoids would come out to hear Dion.

Is the Solitaire Game on their laptop not functioning?


In an absolutely unequivocal editorial this morning, the NY Times has declared that Sarah Palin is unfit for high office and that McCain's choosing her demonstrates some serious judgement flaws.

The NY Times may or may not, according to your taste or mood or rigorous thinking, be the last arbiter of anything, but it sure makes interesting reading.

In case there was any doubt - I couldn't agree more.

The Simply Amazing Cassandra Wilson

Magnificent Cast, Magnificent Musical Score, Magnificent Script, Filming and Edit