Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Driving You Crazy

The dreadful incident of road rage that resulted in a cyclist's death and the shame and possible end-of-career for an Ontario political star is telling in a hundred ways.

The cyclist was drinking. He had no helmet. He has a small criminal record. he comes from a family with criminal records.

The politician is a driven Type-A Master of the Universe privileged egotist. He was driving the wrong way down a street.

The roads are too small.

Everyone is in a hurry.

Everyone is in their own movie.

If I don't know you, you are not really a real person. You basically don't exist.

I don't know of a law or a public measure that will make the increasingly horrid act of driving in the city any better.

Civility is gone.


Yesterday, I was entering a traffic circle at Nelson and Jervis. Of course, we live in the only city in the world where people either don't know how to use a traffic circle or they willfully choose to ignore the rules.

I was entering a traffic circle...

A woman was attempting to cross Nelson Street. She was wheeling her baby in a stroller.

I stopped to make sure she could get across safely.

Of course, the Master of the Universe in the black Porsche couldn't have that.

He drove over the zebra lines, directly in front of the baby stroller and when he found my car not moving, he did what any self-respecting sociopath would do, he honked his musical horn many times.

How do I know there is a God?

Because more people aren't killed.

Including the ones who aught to be.

Settle Down, NItwits

If those idiots in federal politics bring down upon our heads a fall election, it will be the fourth in six years.

In a recession.

We need to spend about $500 Million on changing from one ego-centric duffus to another?

I tell you what, Iggy.

How about you and Steve sit down over a Reuben and a cup of chamomile tea and agree to spend that money on something useful like health or education or music or sport or roads.

Harper may or may not be every one's favorite picture of evil these days, but what exactly does Iggy have to offer other than his personal ambition?


He's a nice guy?

He can read?

Slap me with a wet fish

Culture 'no longer a priority,' B.C. arts groups say


When was it?