Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dear David, This was a great day. The Cambie merchant won and Stonewally was beaten. A great Day for sure. Regards, Bill.


Susan Heyes, owner of Hazel and Company, that small maternity shop once located on Cambie and 16th and now on Main Street, has won her court case against the City of Vancouver, Canada, the Attorney-General, South Coast BC Transit Authority, Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc. and Intransit BC Partnership.

She had one lawyer, Cameron Ward, and they had four.

Donna and Goliath.

Mr. Justice Ian Pitfield has awarded Susan $600,000 for loss of business during the deceitful and underhanded cut-and-cover debacle of the past two years and ordered all of the defendants to pay all of the court costs.

Our confidence and faith in the courts has been sorely tested over and over again in recent years. This decision does not entirely restore that faith and confidence, but it sure don't hurt.

Susan is our Local Hero.

Give her all awards and citations available for sheer determination and grit. For saying loudly and clearly and publicly, "FUCK YOU!" to the arrogant, thoughtless powers that be.

This is a clear piss in the face of Gordon Campbell, whose ears remained conveniently and consistently shut to cries of compensation from the many mom-and-pop shops he destroyed with indifference.

* * *

And The Opaque One is gone. We will have a new Attorney-General.

Of course, the fix was in way back when.

Kash Heed was offered the position months ago. Run for us. You'll win. Wally will run somewhere else, and win or lose, we'll give you the office.

Nothing illegal or sinister about that. It's called politics.

And Kash Heed will no doubt make a much better AG than His Opaqueness. My Aunt Tillie would make a better AG than...

And so, my friend Bill was right yesterday.

A great day for us locals.

Hip Hip Hooray!