Thursday, March 20, 2008

Robert's Tale of Two Cities

Fellow blogger, Robert Werner, has written a terrific piece about the difference between Vancouver and Honolulu.

It's an eye-opener and I urge you to give it a read:


Think you're not rich or fortunate or blessed today?

Try this on for size.

One in five human beings does not have access to fresh drinking water.

Think again.

Give thanks.

And think about the future.

For all of us.

Not all things are Equal


When Raymond Louie announced his mayoralty chase on Sunday, the Sun printed a very small article on a back page with a tiny black and white picture of the Vision councillor.

Today, Alan de Genova gets half a page, huge headlines and a quarter page full color foto.

Vas geipt?

ICBC - Chop Shop

It's a little more than disconcerting to learn that the government agency responsible for cars and what we do with them is selling rebuilt wrecks without disclosing the car's history.

What's the difference between ICBC and you average garden variety crook?

Answer: it's a government agency and apparently immune from the law and prosecution.

That's reassuring, isn't it?

Non, Je ne Regrette Rien

Non, Je ne Regrette Rien