Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alex on CTV Website

Our friend, Alex Tsakumis, whose Friday editorial in 24 Hours is often reprinted here, has a new gig.

He is now writing editorials as well for the CTVBC website. His pieces are called "Front and Centre" and you can find them easily enough here.

This week he offers his goodbyes to a certain mayor...

Tiget Burning Bright

You needn't be a golfer or a golf fan to have appreciated what Tiger Woods did yesterday at the US Open at Torry Pines in La Jolla, California.

He has just come off his umpteenth knee surgery and the here, on the third day of a major, all the ice in the world was not going to help ease the pain each time he created that massive torque on one of his patented 360 yard drives. Or worse, on one of those 200 yarders out of the rough to a green on a second shot.

In the game throughout, trailing off and on by a shot or 3 shots, on the 13th hole, a par five, Woods sent an enormously long putt way off to the right and watched it turn at exactly the right moment and drop in clean for an eagle.

He, the crowd, the NBC announcers and, I suspect, everyone at home and in every sports bar, went insane! I certainly did. It was just one of those moments of pure sports magic - Borg down the line, Brady to Moss, Michael to the hoop.

Then, trailing by one to Lee Westwood, already in the clubhouse at 2 under, Tiger repeats at the 18th, curling yet another lengthy putt in for his second eagle in 5 holes.

Even my friend, Yan Min, who is not only not a golfer, but barely understands the rules let alone the subtleties of the game, was screaming.

The final round starts today at noon on NBC.

Do what I do. Tape the whole six hours, go out and enjoy a rare sunny day, and then, in the evening enjoy this classic by racing through the commercials and the coverage of all the also-rans.

If Tiger actually wins this sucker - and he has always won when leading after 54 holes - it will truly be one for the ages.

Get Smart

I haven't seen the new movie yet, and like many of you, I may wait for the DVD so that I can laugh in the comfort of my living room.

But, this morning's NY Times has a fun video piece comparing the original TV series and the new flick.

It is worth a look.

Would you believe...a peak?