Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jump Start

The Olympics are so rigid, so far up their own flewbarbs, so out-of-step that women ski jumpers have had to resort to a law suit to achieve their goal of being allowed to compete in 2010.

They accuse VANOC of violating their Charter rights.

They are exactly correct.

VANOC claims this is all on the hands of the IOC and that if it granted women the equal opportunity to participate, that the IOC would never award another games to Canada.

They are exactly wrong.

In addition to being morally bankrupt.

If they led the way and allowed women to participate as they should, the IOC would simply be embarrassed into continuing the trend world-wide.

I mean, really...sometimes you wake up and think it's 1843.

(You can sign the petition here.)

Fly Me to the Moon

YVR Airport Services Ltd. is a local success story.

At last count, 18 airports in seven countries under its management.

But the tale of its latest setback is an indicator of just how tight money is world-wide, even for what looks like sure-fire investments.

A landmark $2.5-billion (U.S.) deal to privatize Chicago's Midway Airport has collapsed after a consortium of Citigroup Inc., C Manulife Financial Corp.'s MFC John Hancock arm and Vancouver's YVR Airport Services Ltd. couldn't find investors to fund the acquisition.

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