Friday, May 4, 2007


Mayors of small towns - Come on Down!

Owners of Big venues, like, say, Hockey Arenas - Come on Down!

RCMP officers who are given specific warning of murderous disasters - Come on Down!

Well, isn't that a lovely front page this morning?

Dirk Dorkhead, the mayor of some village in God's Country takes a $2,000 payment to his driving school (Are you on the floor howling already?) and years later, without ever explaining what this cheque could possibly be for, denies he did any wrong.

They have churches up there, don't they? They have schools. They have parents. At what point in Dirk's cheesy, little life did he miss out on the Right and Wrong Lesson?

3 arenas, 3 different deals - Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your Olympics.

Only one question: When all of these millions of tax payers dollars are going to this fab event, why is there so little transparency or accountability? Sorry, for asking. Just a curious citizen.

And then there's Air India.

Kill the Prime Minister. Blow up the Toronto subway. Lovely.

And then the revelation that the man who is now Ontario's lieutenant-governor gave the RCMP specific warning about a planned bombing for June 22-23, 1985 and they "hissed" at him.

I don't know about you, kids. But if the weather holds out, I'm going to play tennis this afternoon. And I'm really, really going to HIT some tennis balls....