Thursday, April 24, 2008

Health Authority is Sick and Beyond Resuscitation

This is so sick.

It is exactly the kind of thing that makes me with crazy with frustration.

Christ Church Cathedral has been feeding the hungry for over a dozen years.

Parishioners make sandwiches and soups at home and bring them into the church at Georgia and Burrard.

Last month, a meddling busybody who works for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority was walking by the church, saw a sign advertising the free soup and sandwiches and went in to "investigate."

Now, thanks to these GODLESS, PETTY PIG PEOPLE at "the Authority," the soup and sandwiches for the poor and hungry will have to be made in the church, because you know if you make a tuna or chicken sandwich in your home WITHOUT SUPERVISION - I MEAN, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TO MAKE FOOD IN YOUR OWN HOME WITHOUT THE PROPER SAFETY GUARDS??? - that sandwich might be dangerous to the community at large.

Little Miss Tight Ass Snoopy Pants and her colleagues at the Coastal Health Authority apparently have not been reading recent headlines.

Let's bring them up to date, shall we?

There is a world-wide food shortage upon us. Rice and wheat prices are going through the ceiling. Children are starving.

So God forbid some Christian folk should follow their heads and hearts and religious and moral beliefs and try to bring an ounce of comfort into the world.

Not without permission from "the Authority," you don't.

You know what I think Christ Church Cathedral should do?

I think they should tell the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to go piss up a big rope.

It is exactly because of bureaucrats like this that we have so few treatment beds for addicts, so few homes for the homeless. Too many sinks, not enough sinks, hallways too narrow or too wide, no emergency push doors, and so on...

These are tiny people with tiny minds and they can never see the big picture.

During my years of running a residential treatment centre, I had a saying on the wall. I still like it.

"My only fear is that the meek might really inherit the earth."

There were 10 and now there are 9...

Congratulations to The Sun and to writer David Hogben for following the Ferndale Minimum Seccurity trail and revealing that there are 10 dangerous lunatics holidaying at Club Fern.

Ujjal Dosanjh has called the placement of dangerous offenders in Ferndale "absolutely unforgiveable."

And, of course he is right.

But, as I've said in this space over the past two days, Corrections Canada and the National Parole Board are secret cabals, answerable apparently to nobody, certainly not to those of us who pay their inflated salaries.

I ask again?

When will a victim or a victim's family sue these irresponsible fools for placing the community in harm's way?

Don't Bother Me. I'm Managing

Mike Howell, writing in yesterday's Courier about Geoff Plant's contract as "civil city commissioner" (hahahahaha...), reveals that City manager Judy Rogers "never speaks to the Courier."

What's with that?

Penis Theft is Old Hat

There's a story in this morning's Province about a rash of penis thefts in the Congo.

OK. Write your own joke.

In many cases, the witch person simply touches you and it shrinks.

Of course, this has been going on in Canada for many years.

We call the victims of this particular crime "politicians."

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