Monday, July 9, 2007

Great Comment - Now a Guest Blog - Thanks, Nick

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, no its a pompous mayor and his band of happy cohorts from Translink. Like you David, I remember when I went to Richmond and saw a road dedicated for the buses. This was quite strange too since dedication of public facilities for the general public to use usually had some hidden aspect to it. Moreover, it was actual infrastructure for our beloved yet highly defective Translink service to use. Sadly it doesn't take much for anyone to see that Translink + Municipal Monkey mayors + public money is equal to some severe magnitude of trouble. And like you said, the once dedicated line on No. 3 way was demolished and turned inside-out before you could say "cat in a hat". I guess their argument for ripping out streamlined segment of road was that they were doing it for the Olympics. Yeah Olympics, well I guess I'm going to go get a colourful inuktuk tattoo on my back because I want to get in the Olympic spirit as well. I guess if we think about, Richmond has some really big pants with very deep pockets. Lets just hope that their skating oval doesn't sink into the ground due to all the Canada Line construction.

Richmond Strikes (Out) Again

Remember as you read the story about Richmond's #3 Road being as big a mess as Cambie Street that those brilliant visionaries at Richmond City Council spent about $80 Million re-designing that central artery only a few years ago.

Now, in their haste to be all great things to all great people - namely their precious selves - Richmond has torn up all their good works and started again.

Question: Whose cousin has the Cement contract?

Sikh Refugee Story is Incomplete

The problem with the story about the paralyzed illegal immigrant who is seeking sanctuary in a Sikh temple is that we haven't been given enough real information to make a sound judgement.

Why did he enter Canada on a fake passport? From what, if anything is he running? What might reasonably be his fate if he returned to India? Does he have friends and relatives to care for him in India?

His paralysis, while compelling is not the issue here. Has he been falsely accused?

Until the media can shed some light on these dark corners of the story we can only stand by and wonder where lies the truth?

Mandatory Treatment Works in Alberta

The headline says, "Law Lets Parents Force Kids Into Drug Treatment."

The truth, revealed in the article is that parents can apply to the courts to have their kids placed in mandatory treatment.

Now, the details of the program reveal that not all of the program has been thoroughly thought out and perhaps there are adjustments in the works.

But the important news is that this Alberta initiative is, by any measurement, a success.

It has long been a myth of the ruling order that "motivation" is a key to success in drug rehab. Anyone who has ever worked this nightmare, however, can tell you that this is nonsense.

Motivation changes. It changes according to where you are standing at any given moment. Splashing happily along the shores creates one kind of swimmer. Swirling through undertow creates another.

We should have mandatory drug treatment for all kinds of people, young and old alike. But don't hold your breath. Too many sunshiny faces think mandatory treatment is an infringement on individual's charter rights.

Lord help us....

Roger the Great - A Match for the Ages

Nadal was unbelievable, spectacular, powering lasers to every corner of the court. He added touch and finesse at the net and the great intelligence that we all knew he possessed.

But, at 3-2 in the fifth, Federer did that thing that champions do - he found yet another level. And suddenly, in a matter of moments it was over. Hitting every line, smoking every serve, volleying repeatedly into an open court, and finally killing an overhead smash, Roger the Great ended one of the most extraordinary matched ever seen at Wimbledon...or anywhere else.

Wow! Never saw anything like this.

Patti LuPone-

One of the really HUGE voices...studied dramatic acting and by accident became Evita...

Sondheim teaches 'My Friends' from Sweeney Todd

This may be an obscure and specialized interest...but it is a rare and great opportunity to watch a master class in performance...from a master.