Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whose Sleeping in My Bed?


How Enron Worked the PresidentAre You Ready?How Enron Worked the President!(This is an interesting bit of information that you don't hear much about.)

1. Enron's chairman did meet with the president and the vice president in the Oval Office.?

2. Enron gave $420,000 to the president's party over three years.

3. It donated $100,000 to the president's inauguration festivities.

4. The Enron chairman stayed at the White House 11 times!

5. The corporation had access to the administration at its highest level a nd even enlisted the Commerce and State Departments to grease deals for it.

6. The taxpayer-supported Export-Import Bank subsidized Enron for more than $600 million in just one transaction.Scandalous!!

BUT...the president under whom all this happened?WASN'T?George W. Bush.SURPRISE!

It was President Bill Clinton! No surprise! And do you think Hillary didn't know? Pass this on so the whole Country will know. The Media Won't!ARE WE REALLY READY FOR MRS. CLINTON?

Sorry Won't Cut it, Baby

Gordon Campbell made me do it.

Or so the perp's wife would have us believe.

A man bashes women on the head with metal pipes and steals their purses. Curiously, most of his victims are Asian women. Most end up in hospital with serious injury, not to mention life-long trauma.

Now, he pleads that he is so sorry and that he was a poor crack addict.

O.K. We can listen to all that.

Then his wife gets up on the stand and tells the court that "He's an amazing father, an amazing husband," she testified, saying he was "absolutely devastated" when he lost his hospital job in 2004. She blamed Premier Gordon Campbell and his government for bringing in legislation allowing health employers to lay off union members.

"I've never seen a grown man cry in bed," she said. "He was very proud of that job."

So, let me see if I've got this right...

Gordon Campbell, undistracted from his job as Premier, came down to the Joyce Street Skytrain Station every week or so and put a crowbar in this asshole's hand and instructed, "You go, Boy, and crack some skull for us today!"

Probably not.

Ten years in prison will be a gift for this man.

And if one of these victim's had died?

Kudos to Dr. Larry

Congratulations to Dr. Larry Goldenberg, who for years now has been known for his pioneering work in prostate and cancer issues at VGH.

He is now set to create a mens' health centre, also at VGH, that will focus of the myriad gender-specific issues that challenge men, especially as we age.

Age and death are inevitable, but enlightened health care happens because one person makes the unusual effort to make things better.

McCain and Cheney target Iran

Excellent video discussion today about Iran, Israel and the US on The Real News.

Why is much of this not given serious coverage and examination by CNN, among others?

Watch this piece here.