Thursday, October 25, 2007

Iraq is a Criminal Activity

For the sheer criminality of Blackwater in Iraq, watch this astonishing NY Times video report.

If America had any honour, it would have pulled Blackwater and similar rogue mercenaries out of there weeks ago.

But that's some if.

If my aunt had balls, she'd be at Wimbledon .

The Law is an Ass

In the continuing coverage of the Massacre in the Surrey Apartment, two items stand out:

1) Solicitor-General John Les says, "We need to re-invigorate the notion of deterrence in the criminal justice system."

Duh, John?

Every reasonable Canadian has been saying exactly this since the Federal Government some two decades ago changed all focus in sentencing to the rehabilitation of the crook and threw out almost entirely any concern for the safety of the community.

So, now that you've caught up with the rest of us, John, watcha doing about it, Mate?

Of course, we know this was only another foto op and not a serious consideration. What happened, Sir? Run out of Booster Seats?

2) The ever predictable, horribly over-quoted SFU prof, Neil Boyd, says that Les' remarks are "hasty and ill-considered." He adds that putting people in jail longer is not a good idea.

What a hopeless over-simplification.

The truth is that putting petty criminals in jail for long periods of time or even short ones is often the dumbest thing we could do. There are many alternate choices and we can find many more for these sorry souls.

BUT, for the Gun People, the serious dedicated murdering criminals who have a committed set of anti-social values, long-term prison sentences are exactly appropriate. For them and for me and for you.

You're looking for rehabilitation for guys who execute 6 people in an apartment? Huh?

Does anyone have any sense anymore?

When the AG Lies, Where is Law?

What order of law can you expect when the top cop in the land is a bold-faced liar?

Attorney-General Wally Opaque tells the press gallery that he didn't go near the Booster Seats and certainly never had a foto op with the little devils.

But there on his website is a foto of the Honorable Member handing out one such Booster Seat, plus 20 more, plus his own personal message of Good Will: "The government has provided these seats, etc, yadda, yadda, blah, blah..."

This is what we used to call back in grade three - lying.

I said it yesterday. I say it again. These folks are so bush.