Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ainti-Semitism is Alive & Well in Canada

The good burghers of Val David, Quebec are in an uproar because Hasidic Jews have bought a former resort and are now living there.

I've never known Hasidic Jews to steal, shoot anyone or have sex in public. Yes, they wear different clothes and live differently than you and me. Their entire focus is on living a rich family life based on kindness and study.

What, besides knee-jerk anti-semitism, is the problem, folks?

And the Canadian Government will not allow a Canadian citizen to declare on his Canadian passport that he was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Apparently, not everyone in the world recognizes that Jerusalem is actually in Israel.

Now, in spite of the fact that there are many similarly contested locations on the globe, this is the only one that Passport Canada has decided is a no-fly zone.

What, besides knee-jerk anti-semitism, is the problem, folks?

RCMP More Blue Than Red These Days

Why is the RCMP going out of its way to lose credibility with the Canadian public?

As if the force hasn't enough troubles...It was announced today that an officer in Prince George, who had been accused of buying sex from teenage prostitutes over a period of many years, has been returned to active duty.

No charges were ever laid (so to speak), thus the officer has done nothing wrong, blah, blah, blah...

Couple of small problems here.

The Mounties took over a year to launch a disciplinary hearing. Apparently they've never heard "justice delayed is justice denied."

The officer is one of several who were similarly accused and they were all part of a case in which Provincial Court judge David Ramsay was sentenced to 7 years after pleading guilty to various charges involving young prostitutes and violence.

The officer's lawyer is quoted, "He's looking forward to the day when he gets back to active duty."

Well, let us assure the good solicitor that he must be the only one.

The rest of us are wondering just how many self-inflicted wounds the RCMP can handle.

Victor Drives Into The Red Zone

Twice, this weekend, I observed something that sends me into a white rage and surely bothers many of my calmer fellow citizens.
It's the Vancouver traffic game called IGNORE THE SIRENS.
On the first occasion, Saturday, I was at Oak and 41st and heard oncoming sirens. Like any barely civilized person, I stopped and looked in all directions, so as to know where to crowd over. Not so the morons ahead of me who continued into the intersection, each trying to beat the ambulance, with the result that the intersection became plugged. The ambulance waited while bumper car drivers sorted themselves out, each feigning surprised innocence.
On Sunday it was worse. Two fire trucks and two ambulances tried to get through a tight street near Granville Island. Again, deaf dummies continued driving. I lost it and walked into the road, yelling at drivers to move over, using my middle finger to give them directions. It was hot. My partner thought I was going to have a heart attack. A fireman actually jumped out of his truck and yelled at these braindead schmucks to get out of the way. Hey, he's only saving lives. He couldn't possibly be as important as the Vancouver driver.
We need signs in all spoken languages. Big signs in English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Cantonese whatever. The signs should say something like:
"If you hear a siren, stop driving. Pull your goddamn Lexus over. Don't block the intersection. If you block an emergency vehicle, we will throw your fat fucking ass in jail or maybe just let the ambulance drivers beat the snot out of you".
This used to be a civil city. We need to shame these assholes the same way we shamed smokers. Yell at them. Use the finger. If this continues, some kid will die because some dickheads will block an ambulance lest they be late for their hair appointment.

Nick...On Illegal Immigrants

Everyone has a story pertaining as the why for their actions. Mr. Laiber Singh who was previously in a care unit (after his brain aneurysm) has taken sanctuary in an Abbotsford Sikh temple stating that if he was deported back to his homeland of India that he would most certainly die. I'm not the one to argue about the validity of Mr Singh's claim, but I am here to point out his successful attempt in entering the country illegally. Yes illegally, like the Chinese migrants that paid off their life-savings and enlisted in a month long boat ride across the Pacific Ocean for a chance at freedom or to escape social/political problems/oppression (sound familiar?). The notion of immigrating to another country usually implies that the person had entered the country while adhering to a set of binded legalities such as proper paperwork and proof of identification to ensure that they will not be deported after settling in Canada for a few years while working illegally (Yes Canada is still that slow after being a country for 140 years mind you). If Mr. Singh had entered Canada through the prescribed legal channels then we wouldn't have to see another person seek sanctuary or suffer a debilitating illness on the day that their deportation papers arrive. Earlier this evening I was listening to Christie Clark on Nightline BC and listened as Harsha Walia (the spokeswoman for No One is Illegal)tag on the notion that Canada should accept Mr. Singh on the notorious Compassionate and Humanitarian grounds. The problem with that school of thought is that anyone that can, will claim the same status as Mr. Singh and expect the same outcome whatever that may be.On a side note, if you recall Irene Thorpe and her senseless death by a street racer, you'd know that the offender Sukhvir Singh Khosa is still here in Canada having repealed his deportation. When you know that an illegal immigrant has killed someone yet still has the right to stay in the very same country, you know something is terribly wrong.

Another Guest Blogger Tells Us the Truth of Child Addictions

One of my pet beefs!! As a mother who had to witness her teenager slide into more and more rebellion, drugs, missing out on schooling, getting in trouble with the law.....the only place he'd go to school and church was in juvenile detention, I would have preferred a reform school, but that's against children's human rights. Right, instead they become drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes, miss years of education, die of an overdose, live on the street...we're failing our kids.Our son started being out of control at 14, at 21 we put him on a bus to another province, with some money, advise and a one way ticket. He got independent and off drugs, but emotional, physical and psychological damages are evident, not to mention the years of school he missed. The only way we could have controlled his behaviour at home, would have been to lock him in a cage. We were being abused. I tried to find any help at all, there is none. The stress of those years has brought on depression for myself, Crohns disease for my husband. Our daughter, being younger, seemed to become stronger and made very different choices than her brother. Both are doing well now. Yes, society needs to help parents help the kids!