Friday, July 25, 2008

Grabbing the Rays

Off to the wilds blog posting tomorrow...

Get out there and enjoy the shortest summer in memory.

And try to find a bird other than a crow.

Today's Province Column

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Government at its Worst

Yesterday, I wrote in this space about the morally challenged Premier, Gordon Campbell, and the dangerously limited Minister of Children & Familes, Tom Christensen.

The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled that the government could not turn its back on developmentally disabled people on the basis of something as useless and questionable as an IQ test.

Not liking to be told what to do, and not liking to spend one penny on anything that isn't MONUMENTAL, the Preem and his lacking lacky made a new ruling IN CAMERA WITH NO CONSULTATION circumventing the court decision.

Now, if you or your child has an IQ over 70, you are not qualified for government help in surviving the rough and tumble of this life. That includes buying an ugly, shitty little bungalow in North Vancouver for only $890,000.

I am please to see in today's Sun that Pete McMartin has joined me in condemning this sickening behaviour, as has Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, BC's crusading children's representative.

Turple- Lafond says she is already dealng with over 200 cases of developmentally disabled teens who have lost their support since turning 19, many because their IQ tests read a point or two above 70.

I have a question.

If a person is developmentally disabled his/her entire life, does he/she suddenly, miraculously become a gifted scientist, concert pianist, school teacher at the age of 19 and therfore needs no more help from us?

Really? I didn't know that.

This government is way beyond cheezy and sick and petty.

Ask yourself who was the last great government in history that played with the lives of the disabled?

The Rogue ICBC

Good for Vaughn Palmer.

Today is, I believe, the fourth day in a row that he has devoted his column to skewering ICBC and the government that shields it in this "chop shop" mess.

It's pretty discouraging when the cops turn out to be the crooks.

Sfortuna...sono triste...

Soldiers will now patrol Italian streets.

Venice bans begging.

Reports from Bella Italia are regularly discouraging these days. The garbage piles up in Naples, costs of everything are through the palazzo roof and salaries for even the most skilled are still lying somewhere in the canals.

My love affair with the enchanted, enchanting Venice is waning, ever so slightly.

Alora, we shall see...