Monday, April 14, 2008


From May 20th - June 8th, I will be travelling in England, Scotland and Ireland.

I won't be posting the usual rants on this site.

But I will be posting a travel blog. Why not?

Here is the URL:

And here is a tiny preview:

If you don't want to learn...

Apparently the organizers of yesterday's Vaisakhi parade didn't get the message.

Or maybe they just don't rightly care.

Celebrate martyrs, show violence, what the heck.

Somehow, I am stuck back in the old adage, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

We are a great multi-cultural soup here in Canada. It is one of our few strengths in an otherwise B-movie of a nation.

Unlike some, I am not asking people to all become Canadian - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

By all means, honor and cherish the customs, folklore, history, tastes and style of your original homeland.

But when Canada says - as Surrey Mayor Diane Watts, so clearly said - we will not accept the celebration of murderers, try listening.

That means honoring and cherishing the customs, folklore, history, tastes and style of your new country too.

Immigration Department is a Black Hole

It may be true that the American convicted in the U.S. of a selling chemicals to make illegal drugs has committed no crime here in Canada.

But that doesn't automatically make him our best bet as an immigrant.

I have recently learned that there are presently 800,000 - absorb this - EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND - immigration cases in backlog!

One of my dearest friends has been waiting over two years to bring his partner to Canada. Both are highly skilled and law abiding first-class citizens.

He was advised last month that his case HAS NOT YET BEEN ASSIGNED TO A WORKER.

The immigration file is probably the worst in the federal government.

It is a great bleeding shame and disgrace.

OK...Try This...

The Strangest, Greatest Singer