Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knock, Knock, Mayor Lowe-Down

Con Sumption be done about all these drug sites?

The hopelessly inadequate mayor of Victoria, Alan Lowe, wants to spend $1.2 million of Canadian Health money each year on "Consumption" drug sites for those poor, sorry-assed dope fiends.

Has he ever considered...wait for it...TREATMENT????

I'm sure there is a clinic somewhere in the world - perhaps Switzerland - that can cure him of this bad thinking and make him a better mayor.

Yes, come to think of it, now. There's one in Basel, where they give you a pill that, every time you think of giving addicts more drugs, you throw up on your Guccis.

Mission Impossible 4,000

Retiring British Prime Minister (How's that for a moniker?) Tony Blair has a new assignment.

His new title is something like "Super Dooper Peace Envoy."

His mission? End the Middle East Madness. Find peace between Israel and the Arabs.

God's speed, Tony.


The story in today's paper about the couple from the nudist colony on the Island is all well and good. But was it really necessary in a family paper to go on about erections and members?

I am in shock.

Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose

The new film, similarly titled, is a mixed blessing. In many ways, the most traditional of movie bio-pics, so much a cousin of The Jolson Story and Funny Girl, it is nevertheless powerful and moving. The performance of marion Cotillard as Piaf is quite astonishing. The music tracks are all Piaf.

Dope Pusher Docs

While every category of doctor profits handsomely and obscenely from gifts from Pharmaceutical Companies, no one can hold a candle to psychiatrists.

These ghouls are pure, straight ahead drug pushers.

Parents, exhausted and baffled by the behaviour of their children, turn to these "helpers" in desperation, only to be turned on to the Chemical Nation.

Read this piece in this morning's NY Times for some of the gorier details.
You tell me the difference between these wealthy, powerful and respected creeps and the Vancouver street pushers shown in the photo above.